Gray Color for Bathroom

In a bathroom, gray often celebrates materials. Marble, Slate, concrete, stones, ceramics… All have the advantage of making a soothing and elegant room decorated with ease, offering a sleek style where only the essential appears.

A Sleek-Looking Gray Bathroom

The bathroom is a place of peace in a home where you can be alone and meditate the time to prepare and it invites us directly with its shades of gray and its design. Located in a cottage where firewood is King, the bathroom is total grey look, except for his white sink to the rounded lines, bringing a light touch to the space. Small, the bathroom grey convenient rest with its storage space made up from a wooden shelf located just below the sink. Check out bathroom sinks in SONGAAH.

A Functional Gray Bathroom

In this apartment high Haussmann in color, the Interior Designer Camille Hermand decided that bathroom would be devoid of colors.

Total grey look, the bathroom plays on the contrasts between the well-ordered tiles and the floor graphic geometric designs that bring movement and pace.

The architect has before any thought to the optimization of the bathroom with a walk-in shower and storage included under sinks. As for mirrors, they occupy the entire wall to double the size of the bathroom.

Timeless thanks to its colours, the grey bathroom is functional and practical, leaving room only for the essential.

A Gray Bathroom

A Minimalist Gray Bathroom

Fully dressed in gray, this bathroom located in a large Bordeaux apartment instantly offers a soothing atmosphere. It was built from scratch by the architect Daphne serrado.

Central element of the room, the bathtub inside white and gray outside is in agreement with tints of storage positioned at the sides. If this bathroom is narrow, Daphne Serrado did not fail to make it functional. Prints make their way through a piece of wallpaper representing a reflection of a city in the water set over the bath and a bath towel on the edge of the bath.

Minimalist, this grey bathroom invites us to relax.

A Gradient Gray Bathroom

In their home in Avignon, Marthe Desmoulins stylist and her companion, Franck Dorat designer played with the colors. Without changing the architecture, they have created an original and warm world combining antiques with the second-hand and antique shops with their own creations. Thus, for the grey bathroom, ground made up of tiles has been retained but painted silver, gray ceramic tiles lining the wall and the bathtub apron. The furniture of the room consists of a single chair in the fifties look painted in black and blue and a closet closed by a former glass door is painted in beige and adorned with a fabric which guarantees privacy.The bathroom grey to the wallpaper flowers and retro is so living room strewn with contemporary objects.

A Stone Gray Bathroom

The architect Jack Ceglic has fully thought this place: a weekend home belonging to Peri Wolfman, Director artistic and Charley Gold, photographer. Every room of this old barn which houses exhibits impressive volumes, he opted for the rigour with a ‘no color ‘. The grey bathroom is no exception to the rule, with a stone floor and a black tiled wall. For the white note, a Corian bath takes place in a recess for a perfect intimate atmosphere to relax.Converted all sobriety, the grey bathroom turns into pleasant to relax in peace and quiet space.

A Pearly Gray bathroom

Thomas Boog, creator of design decorative items made from Seashell and coral, imagined a bathroom grey tinged with mother-of-Pearl. So he lined the wall of pearly lozenges and hung a mirror in abalone (one of his creations) above an alcove in Ste of Carrara where landed a few nice bottles of perfumes, creating light effects on the iridescent surfaces at the same time.Playing on the shapes and shades, designer like the elegance of the contemporary and refined atmospheres. The tub covered in Bisazza glass tiles and signed valves flew thus complement the refinement of the décor, punctuated with a touch of white. Like a fish in water, this chic and luminous bathroom with water accents brings peace and quiet for moments of absolute relaxation.