Guide Kitchens Decoration with Style Pop

One of the favorite places people in a home is the kitchen. To make that quick snack, take a Master Chef or chat with friends, and the room is a great space of coexistence and even entertainment and as we know, a nice decoration can enhance the mood of any environment, even the most variables.

Some people like a more classic cuisine with light painting, simple furniture and a few objects. However, some people prefer to innovate in the environment and make it more vibrant, more joyful, more pop.

Thinking about it, we trace a brief history of Pop style and made a list of the best decorating tips and the store products for those who want to decorate your kitchen with it. Come and see:

Pop Art, Pop Music… Pop Home

The Pop Art emerged in the 50s as artistic movement in Europe, gaining strength in the United States in the 60 artists of the style they adopted everyday facts and symbols of popular culture of the time to create critical works with a wide variety of color and shapes.

The best known of them was Andy Warhol, who worked with advertising products, such as the iconic bottles of Coca-Cola and cans of Campbell’s soup, and figures of great celebrities of rock and western pop as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and the Beatles.

Thus, with colorful works which valued geometric shapes and repetitions, the pop surpassed art and began to share references to the world of fashion, music and finally decor. Check now that so irreverent style can make in your kitchen.


For those who want to leave your Pop kitchen, think about the colors of the walls is essential. The primary colors are interesting in this case, especially the red – ever stopped to think that most fast food restaurants have red in the decor? It is that it is a hot color and gives the sensation of heat, thirst and hunger.

You can also explore shades like purple, green and orange to get a more natural result. And if you want to innovate further, how about investing in a patterned wall? Remember that the geometric shapes have everything to do with Pop decoration:

Practical tip: try to keep your floor and stove in neutral tones. Are local fouling easily, or need frequent cleaning. So too highlight them between the decoration can be synonymous with headache.


One of the points more emphasis on style Pop your modern furniture. This is where the design can be very well explored on the tables, chairs and benches. In addition to the objects themselves are different, you can vary the colors, materials and designs to ensure a more stripped and fun environment.

The product design is successful in Pop due to the functionality of their objects. Being a style that is contemporary, its objects have to keep up the pace and run life, characteristic of these generations.

The website has several items that are design icons such as Eames sets and chairs Iron and Allegra. Check out some options for vintage wall clocks, seating comfort, practicality and, of course, a lot of style in your kitchen:

And if you want to get away even more common in the decoration, that it adhere to the banks? Versatile and youthful, you can invest in those of synthetic materials, which are the face of Pop style, and compose scenarios even more funky. They are good options for those who live alone or republic.

Another way to make your most stylish wall is with pictures. They are excellent choices if you can not paint the walls of bolder colors, or if you like to renew your environment more often. Imagine up to one of these frames would clarinha in a wall?

But not only colorful live pop. You can also use the black and white on the walls, appliances or flooring of your kitchen, exploring another strong feature of Pop style: touch retro.

The store is full of amazing pictures. Just take a look and choose what is more to do with your personality.


Finally, we come to part with more possibilities for innovation. If you need to keep the ambiance of your home as simple as possible (people who live in rented apartments, for example), objects are a chance to give that pop touch in your kitchen.

For Cooking

Cooking is a very stimulating activity for the mind. And for those who want to unleash the creativity in the kitchen, count objects of curious shapes can be good. Imagine the dishes that can leave when you use some of these items.

To Take the Table

To take the Pop style to your table, an interesting instrument is the Toy Art. Concept designating collection of toys with classic figures like Mickey Mouse, Ronald McDonald and superheroes, it can also be explored in geometric shapes and floral motifs.

To Save

Remember the beginning, when we speak of Andy Warhol? We mentioned the Campbell cans, one of the references of their work. In addition to using the company’s support for popular topics and do the work 32 Campbell soup cans, he generated inspiration for the emergence of other stylized objects food brands such as pots and crockery games.

To Decorate

Every detail can make a big difference in Pop environments. Thus, the extravagance of style may be present in your kitchen even in small decorative items such as watches and knickknacks.

Finally, it is always good to remember: as you may have noticed, the style Pop is quite flashy. So it’s important to be careful with exaggerations. If you do not feel safe to decorate yourself, I do not hesitate to hire an interior design professional to ensure that your kitchen decor will stay just the way you want.

Decorate with style Pop is assured of a unique and full of personality environment. We hope to have helped bring more joy and intensity to your kitchen 🙂 And for more products, check out our full tab kitchen.

Is there anything Pop decorating tip? Share with us in comments.