Heart Shaped Silicone Baking Molds

Bake a romantic heart-shaped cake with the help of this baking mold and become so two proverbial statements meet: “Love goes through the stomach” and “feast for the eyes” if you then decorate your heart cake with a romantic greeting, can nothing can go wrong.
Tip: There is also a cake courier who bakes cakes and they deliver to their recipient! Here: more about the cake courier!

Heart baking pan:
To bake a cake in heart shape, of course, requires a suitable heart baking pan. Highly recommended is the silicone heart cake mold, as these can be solved perfectly the pie.Finally, it sucks immensely if it must be said that the homemade cakes artwork does not dissolve and crumble right. The silicone cake mold but this is not an issue, which makes baking a fun affair. Because the heart baking pan dissolves easily from the cake and put a heat of about 230 degrees away easy. (Can even down to -30 degrees) are supercooled. Is suitable for microwaves and for the oven and is according to the supplier of a food-grade silicone.

The SILICONE-HEART-Baking Dish There At Amazon

Tip: This silicone cake mold you can conjure up other goodies, as pudding or Jell-O! So versatile!

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