Homestyler, a Good Tool to Design Your Home

Find a good tool to design your home It is not easy. In many cases we have programs limited in some aspect, either they are very specific, either to decorate the kitchen, the bathroom, choose colors, finished … either it’s paid services, something that we always want to avoid as far as possible.

Other tools are more complete, as for example the magnificent Google Sketch Up, but on the other hand are a little less intuitive, you have to download a program, install it … and learn to manage it takes some time, especially if you never have managed to design in 3D programs.

However, the other day, gossiping on other of our blogs, Engadget, I found myself with Homestyler, a program that has everything you need: it is free, it is on-line, so it cannot be to download anything, it is intuitive and is supported by a company of the popularity of Autodesk, the creators of AutoCad.

We can start drawing the design on plant and then see it in three dimensions. It is fairly intuitive place walls, doors, adjust the dimensions of the rooms …. as well as Add furniture and even elements of the garden. Even the colors of the walls, the type of soil and plenty of things can be customized more.

To add something to the basta House with Drag and drop What we want from the palette of finishes, furniture and accessories that we offer. It even includes some American furniture companies catalog so that we decoremos the houses with parts of their firms.

A very useful and easy to use tool, perfect for those who more technical programs go through them a little but does not want to give up a visually appealing result.