How do You Buy Laminate Flooring

Tips for You to Buy Laminate Flooring

Before buying your floor, check the installation location (residential or commercial). It is important that the laminate is installed in indoor locations without contact with water. It can be applied to floors or hard floors (such as tiles and porcelain). The laminate floors have various patterns of colors and finishes and textures can come in and creases. They leave enough warm and with good thermal sensation. There are some specific floors that can be installed on the walls, as TV panel. Also, a good idea is to continue the floor on the steps of a ladder.


Laminate floors can have the installation type “fitting with click” or “snap with glue”. Either one is simple, easy and quiet. But beware: the location that will receive the floor must be clean, dry and free of irregularities exceeding 3 mm.

For installation, you need four items beyond the floor:
– Blanket for floor leveling
– Profiles for environments division
– Baseboards to finish
– Glue for floors that need
There are colors footers and of different sizes. You can also include different accessories such as anti noise blanket. The installation can be done in straight or diagonal direction, depending on the decoration you wish to have on site. To learn the necessary film bring to your floor plan or measures in square meters. You will have a previous technical visit team plant which will check the area where the floor will be installed. The amount of required floor area equal to the square of the environment. For example, to an area of 100 m2 will need 100 m2 floor. If you do a straight installation add 10% in total. For application in diagonal, 15%. As for the footnotes, the amount is equal to 20% more floor area, ie 100 m2 of floor are necessary footer 120 linear meters.

Cleaning and Maintenance
The maintenance of the laminated floors is very simple, the use of strong chemicals is not necessary. Enough water, mild soap and, if desired, a little alcohol.

And do not forget to pick up your installation plug with step by step to get your questions answered. We invite you also to know our own brand line with guarantee.