How to Build an Led Bulb


If we want to make our home furnishings lamp Sockets, we can do it by building a LED bulb, so you get a good amount of light, and at the same time optimise consumption, since this type of bulbs are of the latest generation, and specs for a substantial saving. In the next steps we see then, how to build this type of bulb.

Build an LED Bulb

To build a DIY LED light bulb and then insert it into an existing lamp, we can use some recycled materials that are easily available at home. Realization, obviously requires some lights but also an enclosure for them, such as cardboard, plastic glasses (rigid), a plastic jar, or a glass jar like that to hold goldfish.

After you have chosen the material to hold the LED lights, we go into a shop selling electrical products and lighting, and purchase a set of LED bulbs with their attacks, along with wire and electrical tape. With all the material available, we begin then to mount the lights on their attacks, and then once you have a thread similar to the series of lights for the Christmas tree, we can wrap around a cardboard, to create an LED lamp . However, if we intend to learn lighting socket types, you can also purchase a E27 light bulb, so use it individually and put it inside a jar or vase to create a Desk lamp or a centerpiece. In both cases, the bulb needs to be resting on the bottom, and leveraging the transparency you get a strong light and at the same time to save energy.

If then the light bulb manufactured we intend to place it in a glass jar and use it to the desk, then we can conceal lampholder with colored pebbles, spilling only the glass end of the light. Also for the centerpieces, we can hide the bulb structure, using synthetic straw, and placing two or more LED bulbs that the center of the table, replace the light of a lamp. Once you learn the simple techniques of assemblage of LED lights, achieve many other facilities such as lamps or floor lamps, becomes a fun way to furnish with taste and functionality home.