How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet

Range of mixers for the kitchen – the question is a bit more complicated than it seems at first pogled. At the end, the current range of these products simply enormous: dozens of companies and hundreds of models and thousands. How not to get lost among the huge shelves and windows?

How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet

Why their knowledge and assumptions about how to choose the best kitchen faucet strengthen and to check before going to magazina. Do not blame themselves for confidence indescribable smile, but not always incompetent and sincere desire to help sales assistants.

OTA – they operate in ten to fifteen times more active than the “brothers” bathrooms. In order to adequately deal with the remit, plumbing fixtures must be of high quality, reliability, convenience obscene.

Mixer devices for kitchen and bathroom is very similar – the same management principles, “internal” materials used in production. No there are “chips” – some additional features, technical solutions and corporate. See definitions of faucet on DigoPaul.

Kitchen Faucet Better, Lever or Closeness?

The mixers have a simple, familiar from childhood design: two main parts, including valve for submitting water. Recently these units, although its very attractive price, do not use special orders. The reason for this – the fragility of the individual components, in particular, gaskets.

Most of the buyers prefer single-lever devices. Their popularity is due to the ability to set the desired water temperature and the flow rate of a movement (elbow on the little finger). Mistress appreciates comfort and practicality as well as a lever mixers is the best match these characteristics.

Contactless units – stylish, modern, convenient. Place hand sensor (integrated in the sink or on the shell) and water ran – wonderful! But such a “high-tech” will have to pay a decent amount.

Market segment occupied by the electronic products are extremely modest. Mainly due to its high price.

The main difference between the models of the projects for the kitchen for the bathroom is the size and shape of chute. These parameters are very important, not so much aesthetic. Ideally, the flow of “nose” must fall into the center of the bottom of the bowl (acceptable “hesitation” in one-tenth the width of the sink).

Directly to your store, certainly, the question arises, what good kitchen faucets, high, ultra-high or low spout?

Very high pressure spout + & many splattered all around voda. Low will be obvious “stumbling block” in the process to wash large vessels. So that should be sought “golden mean”.
It is important that the mixer was elected a bowl. If doubt your choice, pay attention to product manufacturers offering “comprehensive” solution to the problem. All series, including faucets, sinks, and all kinds of accessories to help resolve the quality of deadlock.

When you put culinary delights that have a “professional” wash center, with two or three, and perhaps four cups, you certainly will have a modern kitchen helper – mixer with pull-out spout.
It is simply indispensable for filling water buckets or large pots. Between way, this can be done “outside” cleaning. In depending on the model, the nozzle can be removed from the “nest” at a distance of 60-120 centimeters.

Hoses for such devices are made of high quality rubber (base – EPDM-rubber) and protected with textile or metal braid.

In the most advanced (and therefore more expensive) devices of this type of plastic hoses are used (PEX). They are considered to be of higher quality, durable and hygienically, thanks to the special coating inside the tube.

As regards the design of nozzle, it can be of two types.

First – with the usual aerator at the end.

Second – equipped with shower lake, running in two modes: “people” and “sparkling stream”. Because mode “soul” to wash the green and tender fruit can accurately without “hurting” the original form in addition, it is easier to take care of the sink.

Modern kitchen faucets equipped with a variety of important and useful functions. One of them – integrated switch for a dishwasher or washing machine, steam or makers. By buying such a device, they can overnight to get rid of the need to run separate water complex projects for household appliances.

Among the stunning number of shops can be found mixers with built-in filtration. Unnecessarily to say, so far as is comfortable and useful. Spring water in the most convenient location. In most cases, these two mixer spout one “gives” purified drinking water, and the other – “ordinary”, dishwashers, other technical needs.

interesting! process water filtration occurs in two stages. First barrier to harmful pollutants is membrane. He released liquid lime and sediments. Then this “fight” enters filtar. Toy carbon absorbs chlorine and other substances that can impair the taste of the water, the smell.

Materials of Kitchen Faucets

It is no secret that the life of each device directly depends on the materials used in its production. Today you can find metal, plastic, ceramic kitchen mixer – pictures of different options amaze and delight to eye. But they are just as practical?

Metal Alloys

Silumin – an alloy of silicon and aluminum – is commonly used in the production of faucets budget price category. No specific aesthetic or extreme endurance Silumin samples do not differ.

proven “old friends” – bronze and brass. They are neutral to the water environment. Devices made from these materials exhibit strength and endurance. You be this is the best mixers for the kitchen.


cheap, high-tech material, the ability to adapt to any needs. Plastic is light and durable. On water is chemically neutral. He has low thermal conductivity, which is especially important when strong heating of parts mixer.

Metals, but anyway, in terms of the service is still being lost.


Material is quite fragile, “compete” with the metal he can not do. Although advertising slogans promising manufacturers for reliability of products, the fact remains, ceramic mixer is very easy to damage during the operation.

But the advent of such devices is very, very attractive – it did not take.

Types of Coatings

Kitchen faucets are enamelled, and chrome-plated stainless steel.

Worth knowing! To cover the chrome plastic member of the original application of honey. Chrome steel taps and look stylish in any interior. Brilliant tool would be a good visual accent kitchen, it will accentuate the texture of sinks and countertops.

Enamel is certainly beautiful, but not durable – with careless handling returned in a jiffy.

Subtleties choice: design, manufacturers, quality.

What kitchen faucet really high quality, “good and beautiful” in every respect, to determine at a glance it is very hard. Primary rule – buy products only in specialized shops with a good reputation (brand shops, large shopping centers) to focus on price and brand.

Important! Do not be tempted by an attractive opportunity to purchase the product at a lower price market. With certainty we can say that as you will be disappointed.

Yes, “name” will have to pay, but you will have the guarantee that this is not consumer goods oblezet / commence / erupted after six months or even month. The price devices from leading European manufacturers paid off – at the expense of durability and comfort.

Very positive feedback from customers is distributed companies such as Grohe, Zucchetti, Carlo Frattini, Hansa, Hansgrohe.

While still not finally decided what to choose for the kitchen faucet, we advise you to pay attention to such an important parameter as the design of plumbing fixtures.

First, the mixer must be combined with an existing sink. “Tandem” is to be decorated in the same style, if not from the same material and color of at least “connected”.

Pay attention to the way the handles are located controls. Implementation “retro-fitted” must give priority dvuhventilnye devices within the “old days” with decorative faucets or levers.

Single lever mixers can also be unbanal: in several models of control lever is not located on the top and sides or switch.

As for the mixing tube, it is not always done in the “classic” style (smooth lines, rounded forms) – progressive techno already comes on the heels, there are more precise lines reduces the number of spare parts.

Important! If you have any questions during the installation of “tricked” the unit, do not panic: the package, as a rule, there is a scheme of the mixer for the kitchen – to study, and many of them will disappear by itself.

Caring Kitchen Faucets

How to care for a modern kitchen faucet? I do not believe it, but it’s easily. Lime stone can shoot conventional soft cloth dampened with detergent for dishes or vinegar. If wish, you can buy special tools.

The main thing is not to indulge in steel wool and abrasive.