How to Choose Doors and Windows

Learn the differences between the models available here.

Among the many characteristics analyzed in choosing the door and the window of your home, one can not go unnoticed: the type of opening. This point influences not only decorative, but also the performance of the parts. To choose the right model, evaluate, first, the frame of the project – structure consisting of fasteners, fittings and other accessories that support the door or window.

Analyzed this feature, simply choose the type most suitable opening for your space. Meet some:


Swivel and tilt: this model has a main structure and a second sheet, which can be opened individually. So if there is a need for greater ventilation in space, just open that sheet, keeping the largest enclosed structure.

Running: if you want to gain space in your home, a great option is to get the sliding door, which is moved to the side.

Pivoting: the door rotates around a vertical axis. When opened, the pivoting door also provides space saving, since a smaller section turns to the opposite direction.

Shrimp: the opening system of this version is ideal for those who want to make better

use of the space. After all the shrimp door has two leaves, one of which is on the other when open.

Fanfold: the folding door traditional open to the side in concertina format, as the name suggests. The rail installed at the top is one of those responsible for this kind of opening.

Balcony: usually installed in rooms that provide access to external environments, such as balconies and verandas, the balcony door is made ​​up of three or four leaves. Two of them are fixed on the side, and the other or move sideways or outward. Two of them are open to the outside and the others inside.

Bang Bang: rustic and unique, this model has two leaves that are installed in the middle stop. Thanks to its spring mechanism, the bang bang door open style “back-and-forth.”

Run: versatile, the sliding window can be opened in two ways: the two main sheets running to the sides or only one leaf opening to the side.

Pivoting: as well as the door of this model, the pivoting windows revolve around the same axis.

Tipper: version consists of up to four sheets, and a lever, responsible for opening. Just you drive it that leaves the window dump are “pushed” to the outside.

Maxim-air: this model has a leaf whose opening happens when you push her ​​to the outside.

With an Eye on Different Materials

Now that you know a little more about the types of opening the doors and windows, do not forget to analyze the material that the products are manufactured. Here you will find versions made ​​with aluminum, wood, glass and steel.