How to Choose Hardwood Floors

The coating is easy to install, also provides thermal comfort to rooms.

Elegance and resistance are just a few wooden floor predicates. Being a thermal insulator, the wood gives the sensation of heat on the floor, and therefore a product that makes a difference when the coldest days of the year knocking on the door. In the list of attributes, add the benefit of the product does not accumulate dust and dirt. And the benefits do not stop there. Valuing space is another proposal of this type of flooring, which prints a natural beauty to the surroundings.

We, part of the decorative power know and therefore separate the characteristics of two models of wooden floors. You want to know the best? As we have the commitment of the lowest price, our conditions are not. Check it!

Floors for Decks

Suitable for outdoor recreational areas, like space of the pool, the floor to deck features high resistance to termite attack. To ensure durability of the piece, we recommend the application of varnish, a product that protects the material exposed to climatic variations. Here you find decorative models in vertical, horizontal and angular.

The sizes are varied for you to find the piece just right for your space. Easy to install, this type of flooring can be placed on other models coatings. You can even install.

Laminate Flooring

Common indoors, the laminate flooring make the material wood as “laminated” is a material has high resistance to abrasions and scratches. Therefore, it can be installed either to speak to the customer find what floor is for commercial areas, not all serve. The pieces have a wide variety of types, colors and textures. With great thermal comfort, laminate flooring is also easy to install and can be placed on other cold floors. Learn more about how to install laminate flooring in the click system, fitting method of parts.

And at the time of cleaning, use dry cloth, as contact with water can ruin the product.