How to Choose Microwave Oven for Home

The most important questions that need to ask yourself when buying a microwave oven are: how much space you have in your kitchen and what you plan to use it. Whether you are a fan of fast and economical cooking in a microwave or use it only for defrosting or reheating traditionally cooked your food.

Advantages of the microwave

Microwave oven saves a lot of time on thawing, reheating and cooking. It saves power in the range of from 50 to 80%. In general, in the microwave oven can be prepared almost all food products. Possible boiling, steaming, steaming, baking. The main advantage of the microwave is that because of the short preparation time largely retain nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the products. Therefore it is very suitable for making dietary and baby foods.

The microwave oven is equally convenient for one or two member households, and families whose members are harvested at different times at home. It is ideal for working, elderly and families with small children. The microwave oven is a good application in the office or the house where it is often necessary to prepare something quickly.

Microwave gaining new supporters in her “camp” pass even its fiercest opponents from several years ago. This is due to the fact that it cope with warming and thawing times faster than traditional electric barrier and new models to compete with classic and quality of prepared food. Moreover, it has less and less to talk about harmful radiation in food processing c microwaves. Moreover, when cooking in a microwave reducing the amount of used containers, because food can be cooked and served in the same court. It is becoming the preferred choice of both environmentalists and reasonable consumers because it is designed to be economical in terms of the water and electricity, which speaks not only to care for nature, but also leads to a reduction of accounts.

What Must Comply?

Consider carefully where the kitchen you want to put your new microwave oven. Pay attention to its opening. It is very important to know whether the door opens to the left, right or down. In determining the necessary space bear in mind not only the height, width and depth of the unit, but the amount that is obtained by an open door. The microwave oven should not be in close proximity to equipment emitting heat (eg. Electric oven). If you want to be embedded needed your kitchen cabinet wall with the width and depth or fixing frame. The stove must be a distance of at least 5 cm from the walls of the cabinet to allow air to circulate freely. On its back wall are vents through which air must pass freely. The distance to the radio or television receivers must not be less than 4 cm in order to ensure the normal signal. Near intended for microwave site must be grounded outlet.

There are several indicators that need to be addressed when buying a microwave oven. These are size, power, presence or absence of grill, rotating pad, but for the more discerning and some extras such as a digital control.

The Size

Before purchase measure the space you have in your kitchen. This is the first and foremost thing you have to comply if they do not want to risk to get a device that has nowhere to put to use rational or you need to rearrange your entire kitchen. Moreover, if you plan to use the microwave for heating food model that accommodates a medium bowl, enough. If you use the appliance and cooking should choose a larger oven, with a capacity of at least 18 liters.


Capacities typically range between 700 and 1000 W, 800 W are as fully adequate for home use. From this indicator depends on the rate of thawing or cooking food, such as higher power, more quickly reach the desired effect.

Rotating pad

The rotating pad in the microwave ensures even distribution of heat. It is very convenient when talking about circular vessels, but not at all practical for larger or square bowls or plates. If you intend to cook food precisely in this type of vessels should choose a model where there is a possibility to exclude the rotation of the pad.


Microwave with grill allows additional browning the food, which is typical for dishes cooked in a conventional oven. When microwaves without this option the food looks more like boiled or stewed with no nice golden crust, which is achieved in the traditional way. Most microwave ovens have options for action of microwaves and grill, both individually and together.

Digital control

The market offers a wide variety of both conventional microwave ovens and models with many extras. All models are equipped with timers for power and time. However, if you want your oven to be absolutely precise in measuring time, you should choose a model with a digital clock. Microwave on high-end can be used for defrosting, heating and cooking food and baking. Some models even processed food according to its weight and at a certain temperature, which is regulated by a built-in thermometer. A good microwave is able to prepare most meals in a fast and economical way, while not at the expense of quality.

Function more effectively

Some microwave can be programmed to more effectively thawed by using intensive initial warming gradually reduced, thereby avoiding the risk of cooking the food.

The door lock

If your home has small children do not forget to be interested if the unit has lockable. Moreover ask whether the door has good thermal insulation. All this is in order to protect their children from any unwanted incidents.

Which products should be careful when cooking in a microwave oven?


Eggs contain over 95% water and in the microwave due to rapid heating, the volume of the white and the yolk is increasing very sharply and broke the shell in which anywhere in the chamber of the oven flies poluopechen white and yolk. If you do not break the door hinges or locks, it needs very carefully clean all chamber oven inside and out (after appropriate disassembly). Otherwise, after not much time it will begin to spark at power.


If you leave water in a container in the microwave and forget in time to turn off the oven, the water “explode” and pops out. In fact water is not flooding, but is heated above its boiling point.

When put water to shine on an ordinary hotplate after some time when the lowermost layer that is closest to the warm plate begin to form bubbles steam that start up. Therefore, in the microwave water is heated almost evenly throughout the volume of the vessel and no temperature gradient and thus movement of warmer water above it is heated and at least shaking it as if suddenly boil. Normal water vapor rises up into small bubbles, and when superheated water vapor is formed exploding and causing an explosion.

To prevent the dangerous effects have much to choose exactly the time to heat the water. Look in the manual for operational recommendations for optimal heating times of different amounts of water.

Metal objects!

In metal objects placed in a powerful electromagnetic field induced currents and flow into the structure of the metal produces heat as current heats the wires, through which flows.
Especially dangerous are small utensils or dishes with inlaid metallic threads that ignite. The camera of the microwave oven is designed microwaves that are in resonance and placing metal objects and amend electromagnetic field can cause arcing or even fire wall on the stove.

For this is not recommended in the microwave to put food in metal pans, or with utensils.