How to Choose Pillow Case

Square or rectangular, manufactured in cotton or silk pillowcase fits any decor and any interior. What are the major modes of the moment?

What pillowcase for your room?

Pillow role both an aesthetic and hygienic in your room. Experts recommend washing all the three days in the ideal, at least once per week, to eliminate bacteria and dirt that accumulate quickly. At the same time, it should not overlook the decorative aspect of bed linen. Of countless colours and different patterns are offered for sale, there is something for everyone! As such, it is best to choose some pillow cases identical to the duvet cover for a Visual rendering homogeneous.

A unique and personalised pillow case!
The big trend of the moment is the pillowcase personalized cotton, through printing photographs of your choice. For your children, you can for example print pillowcases with an image of their pet or of their favorite star. For adults, one can imagine the addition of a magnificent landscape was immortalized during the recent holidays. You can also make embroidery pillowcase by inserting your first name. The same procedure is to be replicated on the duvet cover in the event of coordinated bedding.

Have you thought about the silk pillowcase?
In terms of quality suggested by pauldigo, the pillow in silk is incomparable. In contact with its deemed fibers rich in amino acids and other proteins, skin regenerates during sleep hours. In addition, the pillowcase silk avoids common inconvenience of cotton. The skin slips on the fabric rather than cling to it, where an incredibly soft touch. And above all, the silk is hypoallergenic and prevents the appearance of mites or fungal! Aside from its price, the only real flaw of the silk is that it is often impossible to wash the pillowcases machine, and then at 30 ° maximum provided that the label mentions this possibility.