How to Choose Tiles for the House

The parts can be used in indoor and outdoor environments.

There are some products that surprise the decorative power in environments, such as tiles. More and more modern, the pieces have geometrical shapes or paint flowers, kitchen parts, food or plants that are capable of printing a special appearance to all rooms.

Versatile products can be applied on walls or floors, in addition to being used as walls, tiles, skirting boards and corners pool. Indoors, the tile combines with several rooms such as kitchens, laundries, bathrooms and living rooms. The same happens in the external areas, since the pieces are welcomed in garages, backyards and barbecues – just by having good weather resistance.

We offer products made of ceramic and cotto (type of ceramic, but more porous). Opt for the finishes available in satin version or semi-gloss. With these choices, just take the product to the house, and the best: making big savings. After all, we committed the lowest price, always. Check out our offerings and good shopping!

Installation and Cleaning

Because they are fragile components, recommended special care in handling to avoid that the product is scratched or fragmented. So it’s time to save it, make sure that the site is flat, without any unevenness.

How could it be different, that care extends to the installation of the tiles, which should be left to a professional. He will know what is the ideal type of mortar to the settlement, in addition to the distance between one piece and another. At the time of cleaning products, just spend a dry cloth to remove dust or use soap and water to end stubborn dirt.