How to Clean Porcelain Tile Floors

Learn how to clean the piece at different times. Check out the tips, take advantage of lower market prices and keep your always flawless finish.

Comfort, aesthetics, durability and strength are some benefits achieved by those who choose to porcelain in the lining of your project. Knowing clean it, however, is essential for such attributes to be present longer.

Want to know how to clean porcelain tile? Take now pencil and paper and write down the following tips. Then, run to buy the models that we have in store for you. Enjoy, because here you find the lowest prices on the market and the best payment terms.

First Post-Work Cleaning

The watchword for this step is taken care of. After all, in the post-work phase may still be traces of products that can scratch your porcelain, such as cement. So, clean the floor with a broom soft bristles. Remove the surface film of the pieces with the help of a dry cloth, use talcum remover in case of polished porcelain tiles. Then, with the help of a soft sponge moistened with clean water, wipe the coating, eliminating waste grouting. If you have excess dirt, consult the manufacturer’s manual to determine if there are indications of specific products to remove residues of grout.

Daily Cleaning

Keep your clean and shiny coat in a few steps: prepare a solution with a tablespoon of mild detergent diluted in five liters of water. Spend a damp cloth with this solution on the lining. Finally, use a dry cloth.

Heavy Cleaning

Every 15 days or monthly, it is recommended to perform a more thorough cleaning of the coating to prevent dirt build-up. For this, you need to read carefully the instructions in the manual or contact the manufacturer to identify which is the most suitable product for this task. The same statement is valid if the porcelain is spotted. Regardless of indication of the manufacturer, following the application of the specific product, it is important to remove it by pouring water over the entire surface.

Keep your Distance!

Wear the gloss finish, scratches and stains are some of the problems caused by these products. Take note:

  • bleach and acetone;
  • Acids and caustic soda;
  • Brushes and scouring pads;
  • Waxes and other products that promise to increase the brightness;
  • Washing powder.