How to Clean the House Quickly and Efficiently

Cleaning the house efficiently is no longer a challenge. Today there are more efficient chemical assets for each type of surface. Choosing the right products easy, saves and ensures a better finish. After our tips housecleaning never will be a big deal!

1. Grout

To properly clean the grout just use the right products. Good alternatives are the cleaners grouting, detergents, chlorine and clean-limo. Use each product according to label specifications and, finally, bet on sealants or own waterproofing to prevent the dirty or grimy appearance.

2. Glass

Glasses and mirrors of your home also deserve special care, after all, you do not want these surfaces are scratched, smudged or blurry. To clean the box, windows and mirrored furniture, remove excess powder with a mop or a dry washcloth. Then, spray window cleaner and remove the excess with a dry cloth or cotton. One tip is to pass paper sheet after the application of clean glasses. A more environmentally friendly alternative that ensures a great savings is to have home a glass cleaner concentrate that when diluted, can cost up to 10 times less than a ready use. To do this, keep a bottle with esborrifador trigger to dilution.

3. Stoneware

The porcelain is a very durable material and practical maintenance, but this should not particular care when cleaning. To keep the cute stuff and well maintained for longer, sweep daily with broom by and pass a cloth with water. Periodically wipe clean with a cleanser to dilute as indicated porcelain manufacturer. The use of cloth with only water is not sufficient to remove the accumulation of fats.

The kitchen detergents should be avoided as they are formulated to be rinsed with plenty of water, and when it does not happen as in the case of porcelain tiles end up blurring the porcelain to time.

4. Laminate flooring

To ensure the brightness, beauty and integrity of laminate flooring, never use granules and abrasives as they may scratch the surface. Ideally sweep the floor daily with a soft bristle brush. You also periodically pass a cloth with a cleaner for laminate floors diluted as indicated manufacturer. The use of cloth with only water is not sufficient to remove the accumulation of fats. The specific cleaners for laminates are formulated with ingredients that highlight brightness and do not need to rinse. Also, we need to immediately dry the surface if any drink fall on the floor. Simple like that!

5. Wood

The wooden furniture add charm, elegance and rusticity to the environment, but for the beauty of the pieces is retained, it is important to perfect cleaning. There are several ways to clean this raw material. Generally, a cloth dipped in water with mild detergent is sufficient for daily cleaning. If the surface lose luster, furniture polish is also welcome. There are also homemade solutions to moisturize parched woods, among which we can mention the lemon juice mixture with olive oil or vegetable oil with alcohol.

For wood floors, waxes are an excellent alternative to have a glow effect “wet”. The old waxes time of our grandmothers gave way to high performance waxes old, old and worn floors can be recovered with these high performance waxes, simply remove the old wax with a diluted wax remover should be applied with a cloth soaked in this solution. Important: the wooden floor should not be washed because the water can be absorbed by the wood and deform the product.

Instead of simply taking all the cleaners you see ahead, remember that to clean the house efficiently, quality is more important than quantity and also guarantees economy, respect nature and less effort. So, buy only products specifically for the demands of your home and avoid unwanted reactions to take due care with mixtures of chemical assets – a good pair of cleaning gloves does not hurt anyone!