How to Cook Bratwurst In A Pan

The Proper Use of The Pan Sausage

  1. Warm the first bratwurst pan without oil on the stove.
  2. Then pour a little oil in the pan.
  3. With the previous warm-up, you need less oil or butter, because in the hot pan fat runs immediately.The rapeseed oil and butter oil are two fats for frying, do not burn.
  4. Now, place the sausages in hot fat at the highest heat level.
  5. When the underside is dark brown gold, please contact and also brown the other side of good sausages.02h46

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  1. If both sides of the sausages are well browned, turn the heat to medium and even let the sausages for about five to seven minutes in the sausage pan, so that the mass of the sausage is cooked in and really hot.

Pan’s Bratwurst-The Right Equipment Is Crucial

This roast is not a big problem, but can prepare each sausage. As of the pan to taste good fried sausages, not only grilled.

  • Note that these two important factors.A high quality pan is the basis for optimal material for frying. An expensive purchase for a good bit single pan is valid for all activities of Brat, not only for sausages.
  • The trade such as electric pots of different sizes.Via a cable the pan is heated from the wall outlet. With an electric stove They are mobile and can prepare sausages everywhere. On the terrace, directly at the dining table or outside the house with other people.
  • The second factor for success is high quality of frying fat.Rapeseed oil is the best choice for all meals. It is cholesterol free and high heated. It is absolutely tasteless and enhances the natural flavor of food.
  • Always place the food to be fried in hot oil stove already, and join the flesh as the pores and remains juicy.In sausages also giving them the wonderful tan.
  • Then they get a tip for a different preparation of sausages.First fry the required amount of sausages and put them on a side plate.

Prescription Example Sausage Sausage Frying

  1. In the onion rings in sausage fat roast into slices and fry with a tablespoon of tomato paste and cooked instant broth.
  2. When onions are soft, add more mushrooms and peas.
  3. With the cream, salt, pepper and taste of herbs.Then put the sausage back into the pan of sausage and leave everything still collect about 15 minutes.
  4. Serve with pasta and salad.Try it.