How to Decorate House Vintage

How many of us are perfect looking style for your home? More than a few people who try to make unique and special their home, but keep in mind that every memory and every detail added with respect to its history and to its origins will make it still true, at the expense chosen furniture.

Having said that, we decided to meet the demands and needs of those who want to furnish their homes in the vintage style, although it is necessary to add that, to achieve it you must have a lot of taste and refinement.

We are facing a particular style can bring out all the most important features of each room, giving it a touch of class to make it even more welcoming and comfortable.

How to Decorate House Vintage

Also, it is important to add that the selected design is complimented by bright, warm tones , such as beige, white and ivory, but the pastel colors are very appropriate.

When it comes to English-style refers to a type of Anglo-Saxon decor and given the simplicity of the chosen and shades, can be inserted in any type of home.

The furnishing elements that characterize this style are definitely the ceramic objects, to be placed in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the living room and in the hallways.

Do not overlook the wrought iron, which could prove useful for the bed and the handrails of the stairs, while every type of vintage objectis welcome, as well as floral curtains and bed sheets or blankets with flowers.

You can not miss the fireplace, and the floor should be wooden or tiled.

Despite these recommendations, we try to figure out how to improve our home following the 1950s style.

Of course, in the bathroom it could be difficult to add certain items, given the fact that every home should give a relaxing atmosphere.

The wrought iron must be used to rest the towels and as a soap dish, but also as a frame for the mirror.

The flowers will be the center of both as regards the curtains that as regards the laundry and the hue of the walls must be perfectly in line with the inserted furnishings.

In most cases, in this circumstance we are chosen yellow; in some brown and the other in the red.

The color of a particular room can of course be changed than the others, but the most important thing to which we must pay attention not to deviate too far from the suggested nuance, since it would create a little atmosphere of colors suitable for the chosen style.

All the rooms of the house will have to be unique: the stay must be warm and welcoming and it is precisely for this reason that the chimney is the most significant asset.

As mentioned previously, the floor should be made of wood or brick, while its color should be as natural as possible, or brown and dark red.

The ceiling must be high, maybe supported by some beams to better represent the style you have decided to play.

As for the kitchen , free way poor art. What does it mean? It will be formed from wood and vintage items such as ceramic oil lamps and objects.

Any addition will be themed and must not add modern elements.

The bedroom should consist of warm tones, able to give a quiet and peaceful atmosphere: excellent use of blue and green.

The brightness should not be too intense, but the small intestine; the curtains will have floral decorations, just like the sheets; the objects exploited as beautification, must be exclusively in brass.