How to Decorate Small Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important environments of home, where in general all meet, where prepared food for the family and in many houses is where meals are made.

So, when we’re moving, building or renovating a house or apartment and Let’s decorate the environments, it is important to pay attention to the decor of the kitchen so that she is not only beautiful but also very functional and organized.

Unlike some people they can hire an interior decorator to take care of every detail of the environments, the vast majority of us work hard, earn little, but has good taste! So let’s help with tips on how to decorate a small kitchen, but simple way and with little money.

Small Kitchen Decoration

If you are remodeling or building, and the kitchen will be small, a great idea that helps to enlarge the space and is very practical is removing the wall that separates the kitchen from the living room by integrating the two environments, and if you would like to be able to put a counter to take advantage of more space and still keep the place nice and practical.

Think about the arrangement of kitchen items, starting with the refrigerator and the stove (and the sink, if you are remodeling or building). As the space is small, it is important to optimize it to be able to take advantage of all over the place. A tip is to put the stove near the sink, so you can support pans if needed, but leave the refrigerator in a place where it can be accessed without going through the stove. Check for how to apply wall stickers.

Thus, you avoid that other people going through there all the time, which could disrupt whoever was cooking that avoids any accident (you don’t want anyone contacting you or passing all the time to go in the fridge when you’re with a pan of hot oil on hand is not?).

At the time of purchase the cabinets, you fall in love with cooking with various modules if you won’t have room for it. It is preferable to buy separate parts, so you can buy only what you need. Avoid using bright colours and dark not to let the environment loaded. Prefer light colors, which help give the illusion of spaciousness.

You can take advantage of the space on the wall that sits above the sink to put an organizing bar with racks of cookware and also put ladles, skimmers, cake-servers and other items. There are some models that support markets or multiple items, so just pick the perfect size for your home. The company makes models of all kinds and prices.

If you enjoyed our idea and will leave the room integrated into kitchen, great! But it is useful in this case have a hood, so that the smoke of something on the stove does not go to the room. You can find some inexpensive models on the market.

Enjoy natural lighting if possible. For those who will build or renovate, leave the sink near the window beyond beautiful is very useful!

Place different and colorful tiles in the region above the sink, it will give more life and joy in the kitchen, as well as wall stickers or stickers to refrigerator, make your kitchen a charm!