How to Decorate Spending Little?

The art of decorating is not difficult. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money for a good decoration. What many don’t know is that there are many tricks that help in time to decorate. So, forget the idea that it is necessary to spend a fortune to buy new furniture and decorative items. After all, just have a little bit of creativity to be able to renew the environment decoration. Check out 11 tricks to decorate and renovate your home.

The decor is full of small details. Therefore, think carefully on each item of the environment, because everything needs to be in harmony within the home. Anyway, is there any trick to help you decorate? Check here for great tips on the subject. Read, get inspired and then decorate.

11 Amazing Tricks for Decorating and Renovating the Environment

1-Change the Furniture

Yes, that’s right. Change some furniture can completely change the decor of the environment. Doubt? So how about you even put into practice? Give super right, you bet.

2-Customize the Antique Furniture

Tired of that old mobile? Relax, you don’t have to play it out, much less need to spend money buying another. That just turns it on again? Just paint with a different color. Let your creativity overflowing right now. Visit for vintage furniture decorating ideas.

3-Use Simple Objects to Decorate

A simple flower vase of contrasting color has the power to change any decor. Therefore, choose small items to decorate. After all, small details make all the difference.

4-Wall with Lights

Choose simple and cheap lights to decorate your room. Create a pleasant climate in the environment, isn’t it?

5-Contact Paper on the Wall

Use contact paper to innovate in the decoration of the walls of the House. Just cut in the desired format, paste, and then the environment becomes as good as new. Contact paper is super cheap, worth putting into practice.


How about recycling items that would go to waste? It is an excellent option to repurpose old stuff too. How about creating beautiful light fixtures or objects? There are great ideas out there, just search.

7-Decorate the Environment with Flowers

Flowers are great to brighten up any home, isn’t it? So how about decorating with them? It doesn’t matter if the flower is real or artificial. You get to choose.

8-Decorate with Washi Tape

Washi tape is being used extensively in decoration. What is this? also known as Japanese Washi tape tape is of high quality, made of rice paper. With it you can decorate in several different ways. How about creating false frames? The coolest thing is that does not spoil the wall and can be removed whenever you want.

9-Wall with Photos

How about making the best moments of your life, an essential part of the decor?

10-Wall Gallery

Create your own gallery of wall. Posters, pictures, artwork, comics, anything goes. How about create yours still today?

11-Change the Carpet

The simple fact of decorating with a new rug transforms any decor. Choose a style that best harmonizes with the rest of the decor.

And there, enjoyed the tips? I hope so. The coolest thing is that it’s easy and you don’t have to spend a lot to put into practice. After all, it’s not always necessary to buy new furniture to change the decor. On the contrary, just change only some details that then everything becomes new.