How to Decorate the Service Area

Service area decor is always left out, but it is also as important as the rest of the house. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot to decorate the laundry, because they’re small details and objects that make all the difference in the location. Before decorating it must be remembered that the laundry needs to be practical and organized most of all. Cleaning products need to have a place to be kept, always within the reach of hands, targeting the practicality in everyday clothes need baskets to organize in time to wash the parts. With doubts about laundry decor? Here you will find tips to help with the laundry decor.

After all, how to decorate and organize at the same time?

Always Choose Practical and Functional Decoration Style

In the decoration of the laundry, it is necessary to always try to facilitate. All items must be within the reach of hands and organized in the environment. After all, how to organize? Use cabinets and shelves to facilitate the task.


Contrary to what many think, yes you can decorate your laundry room with wallpaper. So, how about decorate differently your service area? Check out some ideas below for easy clock making tips and be inspired.

Wicker Baskets

Are beautiful and great for laundry decor. Within them you can save and organize tools and can also separate them according to the use of each. Laundry organized white laundry and organized.


It is essential to baskets of clothes in the laundry room. After all, they are great for separating dirty parts of clean clothes. Check out some examples.

Service area decoration area decoration service.

Door Clothes Clip

In addition to allow storing fasteners, without having to let them thrown into any corner, door fasteners are also really cute laundry decor. Door decoration clothespin.

Support for save board and drawers to organize

Great for laundry decor and also leaves the environment organized. Makes it easy to find products of cleaning and to keep the Board, without having to let her play anywhere.

Functional Service Area

Below you can see more about it. Learn how to take advantage of the room service area.