How to Decorate with White Granite



Learn all about the white granite decoration

When planning the renovation of the house or apartment, a big question is about the type of flooring that will be used on floors, countertops and other surfaces. The white granite is a great option to be sturdy and durable coating, plus bring a classic touch and at the same time modern decoration.

By the high cost, however, with white granite flooring requires planning on choosing and maintaining certain precautions so that its surface is always as good as new.

X Marble Granite

For those who do not have much contact with the stone that sells marble is easy to confuse the granite and marble as his coat is like at first sight. However, although both are natural rocks, they have some differences as the fact that marble be more porous than granite, absorbing more fat and may create stains affecting its brightness. So, one should avoid the use of marble in kitchens, as well as in stairs very busy since the material can scratch and chip more easily than granite. In addition, the marble has a higher absorption of liquids than granite, making the play not much used in sinks and floors of humid areas.

Advantages of White Granite

The use of white granite has many advantages, one being its resistance to abrasion, shock and impact much larger than marbles, tiles and ceramics in general by being composed of mica, feldspar and quartz elements, which makes it more resistant.

Moreover, granite is a durable finish since unlike porcelain stoneware, which over time loses its luster and if you have a defect in its surface must be completely changed, can be polished again and be good as new.

Granite also has a greater resistance to water and chemicals and abrasives which makes its use recommended for all environments, especially the external areas. Check this site for felt wall clocks.

Disadvantages of White Granite

Despite all its qualities, the white granite has some drawbacks like any other flooring material. One of them is definitely its high price, as for being a heavier material has a greater difficulty in transport, which increases the price of distribution. Their greater resistance to cutting also contributes at the higher price, but when choosing the white granite you will be purchasing a durable material and quality, then price is an investment.

Because it is a material that has greater hardness, granite when applied as a coating for floors, causes a greater pressure on the joints of the feet and legs, but just make use of carpets in the biggest movement of people so that the sensation is lessened.

Also to opt for the white granite like finish for your floor anti-slip treatment is important to avoid any risk of accident, since the material is extremely smooth. Moreover, in winter the granite will cause an increased sense of cold, which may require the owner to install floor heating.


For the white granite has always the aspect of new some maintenance care should be taken, since to be installed in kitchen countertops is subject to material substances which may cause stains if they are not cleaned properly.

Coffee, wine and fat, for example, can cause stains in white granite and is therefore indicated that the surface is clean so that contact with substance. Do not use abrasives to clean as bleach, detergent or solvents. Should be cleaned with a cloth dampened in a solution of soap and water, being passed then a cloth dampened only with water to remove the product. The cleaning must be finished with a soft cloth.

Ideally, clean using a soft broom, as by. It is also important to clean with a higher frequency because the white granite has a porous surface that can suffer with the incorporation of dirt just with the fact people are walking on the floor. In addition, to aid in waterproofing and floor protection you can wax it with colourless wax, using a chamois or soft cloth to ensure the final brightness.

White Granite Decoration

The white granite can take on different functions in decorating, going from the floor to the bench and giving a refined and sophisticated air to the environment. Its color also gives a sense of illumination and amplitude to the environment, perfect for smaller environments.

  • Sink or Countertop White Granite

You can build a countertop or a white granite sink so long in the bathroom and in the kitchen, giving a sense of lightness and sophistication to the environment. In the kitchen it’s important just to watch the spots as possible products can leave the bench.

In the bathroom you can combine a white granite countertop with a white ceramic sink and chrome faucets.

  • White Granite Thresholds 

If you want to have white granite in your home, but don’t want to spend so much can choose to make the white granite sills, guaranteed resistance and aesthetic appeal. Combine with light walls and doors or glass doors not to create too much contrast.

  • White Granite Flooring 

The white granite flooring is an excellent option to porcelain tiles and other ceramic options that can often be more expensive and less durable. The white granite flooring can be used in the living room, dining room, in rooms and in the kitchen, and that is not applied in wet areas such as external areas and in the bathroom.

Now that you know the white granite might consider using the next reform of your house, especially if you want a more refined decoration, practical and resistant.