How to Give Tiles a Shine

Coatings are shown in locations exposed to moisture.

One of the most important stages of renovation or construction is the choice of the tile of the rooms. Due to its high strength, the wall coating is suitable for humid environments such as bathrooms, and more exposed to fat, such as the kitchen.

Install coatings in these areas also means forcinha at the time of cleaning, after all, the parts are easily cleaned.

In addition to these important predicates, the product is considered essential at the time of decoration, since the models print the personality of the residents and may even be the major attraction of the room.

Choose from parts available here, ranging from the traditional to the most modern, with original figures and drawings.

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What to Consider before Buying Your Tiles

1) Pay attention to some features, such as the length and height of the pieces.

2) Also consider the location where the product will be applied after all there are models for internal and external areas. More than that, there are, in some cases, specific indications for environments such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, halls and lobby.

3) Choose from different finishes, ranging from shiny finishes, semi gloss and satin. Remember that the products may show variation of tone, so the pieces available have uniform appearance of signs or big, little and moderate color variation. Keep an eye!

4) Evaluate also the kind of edge, which can be rectified (straight) or rounded (bold).