How to Maintain a Wall Clock

If you do not understand something watches, I would not buy the “old” wall clock at all auctions, not to mention the on-line auction. Too often as my desktop as my colleagues have appeared on these “discoveries” and inside of the discovery of the actual “bomb”. Watchmaker’s obligation is to tell in such cases to the highest professional expertise, the watch it and it’s wrong, and not at all to hide such a case, at the “bomb” character, even if sometimes in such cases the customer to terminate a disappointment watchmaker. Sure, the watchmaker can tell the same substance, either diplomatically or less diplomatically. Disappointed customer may take a “bomb” its clock to another watchmaker, third, etc … Such “trophy” watches are not terribly rare, and in these cases sometimes simply the customer may only refuse for years to believe that it is not made a “discovery”.

So: I would recommend at matters lay people to buy “old” seinäkellonsa from a place that sells the “old” wall clocks, corrected, and with a guarantee. The price is considerably higher than the above. “Discoveries”, but the customer pays thereby also the certainty of what to buy and repair work already carried out by a watchmaker. This also applies to some extent in Finland, but these groups do not usually keep sending Christmas flyers goldsmith and watchmaker industry products the customer’s home. Also, some “old” bells only selling parties have enough experience in watches, that their word for the general condition of the clock mechanism can be trusted, roughly as follows: machinery just serviced there and there or machinery OK, but requires general maintenance, or requires a larger renovation or a full “bomb” . None of these watches are not only priced bodies usually not quite “discoveries” price level. Of course, I admit that watches ignorant, it is possible to find the actual clock “discoveries” independently, but over the years, such “discoveries” have become increasingly rare. Reliable “old” watches selling parties to find, if only the patience to spend their time in various auctions, antique shops and antique / collector’s fairs and dare to ask questions and discuss with different people. As soon as she comes across will probably not, but over time, for sure. Why do these groups do not promote themselves aggressively then? On the other hand they do not tend to small-scale entrepreneurs have the resources to it and on the other hand surprisingly many are already more than enough work to do.

PS: mentioning Thread Starter Becker’s maintenance the price of 330 e stayed in the repair shop about 200 e, if the clock repair business care and clock repairman comply with the most common field of a 60/40 division of the customer to pay the price of the repair work. Fix It therefore received about 200 e; brokerage commission or the magnitude of the movement has nothing to do considering it, I wonder what the clock repairer should receive for their work. It is assumed that the clock repaired friend’s hourly rate is for example 20 e or 30 e Thus, calculated by the company’s invoice price class, ie the gross price of working hour (for comparison: automotive brand repairers billing hourly rate is around 70 e)…These default values for clock repairman would have used about 7 or 10 hours of Becker repair. If you mentioned “a couple of little parts” have been in certain parts of the clock condition is reasonably good and the trendy timepieces are a kind of Becker, you mentioned the clock equation seems quite make sense for the repairer, if it is done a decent job. On the other hand, if you mentioned “a couple of little parts” have been a number of “other” parts, even a technician themselves manufactured, clock condition reasonably low and the clock has been “different” Becker, the repairman has acted in other than a commercial basis if it is done a decent job. Car Repair shop billing Becker corrected time would have been about three hours to repair Becker. Sure, a car brand repairers and kelloverstaiden cost structure is a little different, but not nearly as large as the insanely popular belief, the professional-quality tools and equipment at the blacksmith industry are in layman’s view, insanely expensive, such as a car brand repairers equipment watchmaker’s view. HIH.

PSS. I have previously written here repairing clocks, so this can be found in my löpinöitä two lengthy sepustusta more, if you just browse the related discussions at this forum back.