How to Make a Clock Using Recycled Materials

Hi all

Today I propose to make a special clock that can adapt to all your needs. Whether you prefer her oval, square, round, asymmetrical, white, blue, black,… everything is possible!

Simply you retrieve your empty toilet paper rolls!

In fact, surfing the net, I discovered several sites that offered to recover these rolls to make wall decorations.

Take a glance at these 2 links to get an idea

For my part, I was missing a DIY wall clock in my living room, I thought so: “does the same you!”

And it goes: I recycling, I ask my friends to keep their rolls (even go crazy!), I’ll see if I have not an old useless clock on hand… and after have all gathered together, I put myself at work.

I cut, I paint, I assemble… tadam! See for yourself!

I am pretty satisfied with the result, especially since I had 10 minutes to put together it…

Then in your rolls!