How to Make a Decorative Sundial

Take inspiration from the famous Sunflower Clock created by George Nelson in 1958, to realize your own piece of design. Follow our steps to achieve this clock model.

Temps: 1h

Cost: 21 €


  • 1 quartz clock mechanism in silver with wall clock
  • 1 A4 sheet of thick paper smooth neck.and white collar. money
  • 1 Corrugated cardboard roll money, 10 fingers
  • 25 x 25 cm thick cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Pencil, ruler


1)  Draw a hexagon 7cm side that will be your template. See the 4 times on the white paper and 3 times the money, cut. Stick them on the thick cardboard to bind the composition alternating white hexagons and gray (see photo). Cut out the contours. Pierce the center by inserting the clock mechanism behind and screwing the needles on the front.

2) Cut 30 strips of 50 x 2 cm in the corrugated roller by placing the grooves of the cardboard in the direction of the width. Assemble the two bands by two gluing the ends of 3 cm, the grooves outwardly, consolidate with a staple. You get 15 double bands.

3) Place all flat strips on a table in a star. At 20 cm from the outside, separate each dual band and staple each band with the band of the neighboring pair. After 10 cm, staple each band with the neighboring strip staggered. Same after 10 cm to create the rose. Ask the rosette around the mechanism and stick it under the balancing cardboard strips.

Child’s play

The quartz wall clock from designer is simple to purchase and easy to install, it can create the clock of his dreams by fixing the back of a cardboard form of choice. Imagine yours: illustrated with patches of BD, family photos or manga way dialogue bubbles. Giant geometry with a set of masking tape or painting squares, circles or diamonds directly on the wall. Version embroidery, hijack embroidery hoops . Finally, all cuts and colors are permitted with MDF and paint: blue clouds, black and white circles, multicolored balloons for children…