How to Make a Flashlight LED

There are many designs of LED flashlights.The most useful of these are those who work on the batteries.This light does not need to replace the battery – enough to charge it periodically, like a mobile phone.


1. Take the old faulty mobile phone. It must be so old that the battery was not in its lithium-ion and nickel metal hydride. From him and use the charger.

2. On the charger to change the other, you have a partner.

3. If you want to use keychain torches, drill a hole for the mating connector. Put it in the hole. When the charger is connected to a voltmeter, determine the polarity of the voltage at its terminals.

4. Attaching the battery to one of the walls of the case so as to have access to their pads.

5. Positive finding suitable stickkontaktdonettill the positive pad battery via a current limiting lamp voltage of 12 V and a current of 0.1 A. The negative terminal mating connector is connected directly to the negative battery contact area.

6. Drill in a convenient location, house hole for toggle switches. Put it in the hole.

7. Take four white LEDs and two motstånd100 ohms and 0.5 watts. Make a correct polarity, two successive chains, each consisting of two LEDs and a single resistor. The chains are connected in parallel. It will turn the flashlight emitter.

8. Drill a hole in the body for LEDs. Insert them into the holes. From inside the hull transducer pour glue “Moment” or the like in such a way that he could not extreme conclusions. Wait until the glue dries.

9. Positive result of the radiator, connect through a switch to the positive battery terminal. A negative result in its output connected to the respective contact battery directly to the place.

10. Release the switch. Connecting the charger included in the network. Current limiting LED light weakly. Allow the lamp to charge for fifteen hours.

11. Stop charging. Now switched on and off rocker switch. When the brightness of the glow of his case, turn off the lamp and download it again.