How to Make a Pool Deck?


  1. Pool deck models
  2. How to decorate your pool deck

Some people say that select a beautiful pool whatever the area if the material is good. But have you ever stopped to analyze projects of pool deck? If it is truly beautiful and well prepared, it can make all the difference between a simple area to bathe and a decorative design with luxury and worthy of a party area. The part around the pool is one of the most important areas for a beautiful decoration and at least not make it ugly.

Everything is a matter of analyzing the available area. If you have enough space, you can think of a more modern and stylish flooring for an area for parties. If it is a space for private use, such as pool deck with output to the master bedroom, a private area, it can have a more intimate and delicate decoration, thinking of a use the two tops. You don’t even have to owe a too wide space,  the place which is smaller butmore delicate is even better.


Ceramic pool deck – is one of the materials most commonly used in this type of project, with advantages and disadvantages. You must use the textured ceramic to avoid accidents with wet feet, which does not raise the price a lot. It is one of the cheaper materials for this type of structure and with a median life span, especially if the weather is dry and there is not many rainy seasons. Despite being cheaper, but it has a long duration. It is easy to clean, and there is not many trouble for heavy dirt. One of the low points is to absorb the ambient temperature, and it can create a warm floor on days of high temperature depending on the city.

Wooden pool Deck – this is one of the types of project favored by North Americans because they already have used this stuff for almost everything. The nice rustic floor is to have the wood itself exposed in its beauty. It creates the intimate ambience and when it is well preserved, it can last more than a decade; but surely it needs polishing, abrasive products and a lot of care to keep the brightness. The wood also needs to be selected carefully in order to come in contact with water without constant visual problems and structure. Not all wood is nice and supports the contact with water, it is necessary to make a climate assessment of the environment.

Pool deck of porcelain stoneware – here is almost a fever. We’re not talking about the plain model and mirror, but the rustic with mosaic type finish, which is great for your discreet shine, but does not absorb large amounts of heat from the environment and still adds enough visual value to the project. It is also used in schools, especially in rustic decor to the pool area with barbecue.


Your decor is already in the choice of the format. Will be high? Depending on the terrain; a small staircase and raise the floor of the pool is a good choice for the environment. In its external area, you can highlight and still separate the space from the rest of the house, limiting the area of amusement for guests.

Using cross timbers instead of lines to form a mosaic is a good thing, but this requires a skilled labor. You can draw various arts only in the installation of wood on the floor and create different formats. It is always drawn on the windows. If your windows are wood and plaited, it can be visually harmonious. And as we’re talking about external areas, potted plants will always be welcome and quite practical for personal and intimate space.