How to Make Homemade Bike Lights

The bicycle lights are very important for safety reasons, both for you and for those around you. When the night falls, it is the only way, or at least the best, to know that there is a person and where he is.

We show you the instructions to make homemade bicycle lights, so you can install them yourself.


1 Measure and cut. Place the bicycle in the back for easy maneuvering and lean on the LED ribbon to measure the amount of extension you need to attach the parts. Then cut the ribbon carefully.

2 Weld. With a knife, remove a piece of plastic that covers the contacts of the LED light and scratch them to create a surface to be welded. Next you have to take the cable, peel the tips and weld the cable to the contact using a tin gun. Repeat this process on each LED light.

3 Place and paste. Clean the surface of the bike and to dhiere LED tape with adhesive that is included in the back. For added safety, you can attach flanges that grip the LED strip more tightly.

4 Connect. Connect the cable from the handlebar to the dynamo, this way you will have more lights on the bike. The welding process is the same as the one we have done previously.

5 Isolate. Finally, and for greater safety, isolate all cables with insulation tape, so you do not run the risk of being released from the bicycle.

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Cut the longer wires, so you give yourself a margin of error.

If it does not work, you may have turned the cables upside down.Watch out for polarity.

It passes all the cables underneath, thus the hidden ones and esthetically the bicycle will be better.