How to Properly Clean A Cast Iron Pan

ALDI Iron Pans Can Even Be Cleaned Without Water

  • When cleaning a newly purchased iron stove for the first time, you must first remove the protection against corrosion.Soak the iron pan in warm water, and place it with the addition of a little detergent.Then proceed to wash and brush-up, warm clear water to work to remove the protection against corrosion remains. Dry the pan from the right end.

  • Thus all the following cleaning operations proceed as desired, you must einbraten your iron skillet.Simply complete an oil which can be heated very high, into the pot, so much so that the bottom is covered. As Biskin oils, Mazola or appropriate Palmin. Enter the potato peelings or raw slices in the pan. Sprinkle a teaspoon of salt on it.  The potatoes until they are well done and the floor gets dark Apply several times until he has a dark brown different dishes.Then empty the bin, wash and dry them. Now you can fry with it regularly. The Turk iron pans are coated pans in wrought iron. They are cut resistant and darker, they are in use. They also put a patina – it promises at least the manufacturer – ensures rust and sticking is prevented.
  • The uprising iron pans is that they can be easily cleaned.Remove food scraps that are left over roast, just with a paper towel, which could best while the stove is still hot or warm. Because then it is fairly easy. If the remains are dried, you have a lot more work with the cleaning. Most cleaning is sufficient with a kitchen towel, no need to rinse the pan with water. You can also protect your hands, that usually dry by water.
  • Rinse the pan in the case of stubborn residues with water and, if necessary, use a mild dish brush, but never an abrasive sponge.If there is a mechanical abrasion of your ALDI-Turk-iron pot does not do well. Do not went burnt remains, you can try to solve them with salt. Leave for a while salt water in the pan, possibly overnight.
  • After washing with water, dry the pan with a kitchen towel.Then enter a few drops of (olive) oil in the pan ALDI-iron and rub this oil. This prevents the pan to rust and so it is even more pleasant and beautiful because it shines stronger.02h10

Clean Griddle correctly

In short: clean your cast iron pans yes, no cleaning! …

Just a thought that you can not come. Never wash your iron pan in the dishwasher.