How to Reuse Things at Home?

I set out to live a life more organized. I knew the process may not be so easy, but I thought it would be funny. I learned that organizing doesn’t mean buying expensive furniture, but finding solutions that facilitate life. Looks nice? Bonus! Is cheap? Double bonus!

Today, I bring a special post with 10 easy and bright solutions of how to reuse common objects of extraordinary shapes!

  1. Support for CDs + Covers of potes

Let’s be honest, who still listen to CDs? I still have an extensive collection, but I don’t know what it can do expect listening to music until I bought door-steel CDs and organized all caps.

  1. Forms of ice + Earrings and accessories

It is simple, cheap and easy. I love the light and colorful visual, and this option costs noting.

  1. Magnet + Hair clips

It can also serve to tweezers, nail clippers and everything that will disappear in a blink of an eye. You don’t have to buy a magnetic plate. Small magnets attached with glue, or even a permanent magnetic tape can  also be wonderful.

  1. Support for tissue paper + Ribbons

Make a more cheerful desk immediately! Can you separate the tapes for its colors and styles. Not to stay with the tip down is just stick with a agulhinha or hold with a clip.

  1. Egg carton + Christmas ornaments

I never thought about this solution before. But now it is my favorite solution because of its simplicity. Who thought of this is a genius!

  1. Shoe rack + Cleaning products

Let’s say goodbye to the cramped closet of cleaning products, and welcome this new method where the products are visible and easy to find!

  1. Spaghetti pool + Boots

Boots lose the format easily due to a limited storage space. Cut spaghetti from the pool at the correct size and put them into the boots to keep them standing. You can reupholster the spaghetti like a sachet and make it more elegant.

  1. Sushi mat + Makeup brushes

You can do this professionally at home! There are many teaching videos on the Internet, and you can learn from that.

  1. Ancient porcelains + Accessories

The tins of ice are very clean for you? Remove all the old porcelain cabinet, especially those which are lonely (the rest of the them has already broken) and put them on the dresser. I promise that they will bring you a vintage and elegant visual.

  1. Cover for suits + Gift paper

Leaving no kneading and it allows you to find the right role in seconds.

Do you see that how a life organized has nothing to do with spending tons of money? What we often do is hide a drawer, without any utility. Stop and think “what else can I do?” is a great way to start changing the thinking and enjoying what we have in our room.

If you are here reading this blog, have you begun to change?