How to Select an Umbrella

Of course the best umbrellas are made in France and Japan. If you are a worrying sign of the authenticity of «made in France», or low cost, you can take a closer look at the quality of future purchases, as an umbrella should be composed for many years!

How to Select an Umbrella

Read below, advice, how to choose a female umbrella, and it does not make a mistake.

Basic shades of choice of design of umbrella, handle materials and domes, etc.

  • Think about what you want to choose a folding umbrella or stick?

Folding “defenders of the rain” takes up less space in your bag. It can be folded, greatly reducing in size-but the more layers, the higher the probability of errors in the future.

Suger cane, by contrast, can be prolonged purchase, since no details of his leads. Furthermore, the broader folding patterns and because fungal form better protection against the “wind” of rain.

  • manual or automatic umbrella?

Decide on the design. It is a mechanical (manual), automatic (and folds and closes with a button) and semi-automatic (disclosure of closure-manually). The simple design is longer, so a mechanical umbrella are considered to be more reliable. At the same time, automatic model-more convenient in operation.

  • spoke steel, aluminum, fiberglass?

should carefully look at the material on the umbrella spokes. Steel spokes won’t be knocked out in a strong wind, but can be somewhat charged umbrella. Do not overload in aluminium construction and reliable enough to keep the shape of the dome. But you can surprise the glass fiber spokes, which are often used in model type cane. They have optimal flexibility and endurance. A large number of spokes is not important-it will be felt only in the ideal circle your umbrella. However, the attachment of the spokes to the fabric to be in multiple places that soaked the fabric does not sag.

  • Rod umbrella-what to choose?

With protection against rain, the rod umbrella has no particular preference in terms of any material. But with folding umbrella-another story! Select the most versatile rod and check the reliability of the joints easily swing in different directions. If the connections are not detached-umbrella reliable!

  • umbrella handles-plastic or wood?

How to choose the right umbrella for long walks? Pay attention to handle! Plastics-worst case, because in the autumn, it may crack or scratch. Ideal-wooden handle, painted with transparent varnish. It will not go away with time and not throw paint on your hands.

  • How to choose an umbrella on the cover?

nylon, polyester, or polyester pongee with addition of teflon? Nylon quickly sits down after wet and sheds. Pongee as a raincoat fabrics, durable and repels moisture. Polyester repels perfect rain because of the special impregnation, which eventually disappears. The best option-Polyesters with teflon. It protects perfectly from water, durable, soft and thin in comparison with steel frame.

How to choose the right for women when buying an umbrella-rules for choice of umbrella

  1. Check out 3 times, whether defective mechanism to open and close the umbrella.
  2. Spin umbrella from side to side.Well mounted Rod spokes will not hang as it moves.
  3. Note articulation place tissue and spokes.It is better if they don’t simply sewn thread, and additionally secured with plastic or wooden hats.
  4. spokes are straight, the same that is at the same angle.
  5. Upholstery good umbrella is tense, without slipping or later droop she more.
  6. Threads must not hang, and stitches should be neat and straight.High quality seams will be permanent, uninterrupted. If umbrella automatic, you have to check the button automatic mechanism. How convenient it is to open an umbrella in his hand?
  1. find the right help umbrella label called tissue , covered by your umbrella. On cheaper models such labels are not available.
  2. Look at the dome umbrella. There should be a cover that covers the fabric tightly and securely fitted in the hood. It is better if it is made of metal.

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