If You Has Not Touched The Fat, Used Your Tenths of Lottery to Paper Salon

A week ago many had the illusion that the lottery give us a joy and a good pinch of money, then came the day of the draw and saw that not playing us the fat, but remained the hope of the payout, after a few days and made corresponding investigations we know that it has not touched us a single euro , but still We can use the tenth for something.

I already knew that there were people he collected tenth National Lottery, there are actually collectors almost any kind of object, that some throw away without giving greater importance, for others it is collectible, curious but true, the case is that a Lord of Salamanca has gone a little further and In addition to collect the tenths of lottery, It has wall home with them, Let’s see how it has been.

I used to paper it around 25,000 tenths of lottery

Incredible but true, Peter, so called this man with these original decorative tastes, has wallpapers various walls with tenths of lottery mixing colors and the result is that you see in the photo, the truth is that I have to say that aesthetically the idea just does not convince me, Although the proposal is original and perhaps by selecting certain tenths per color and empapelando only a wall or a specific area of a room, could be quite well, but Peter has loved, so much that it now wants to wall rooftops, although not known if his wife will agree…