Importance of Accessories in Interior Design

The interior design of a room can be significantly changed by the colors and vividness imported some accent accessories. We can see how a room in neutral colors is transformed and the atmosphere is enriched through the use of additional elements without ever changed key details such as furniture and wall color:

You can see the original appearance of the spacious and bright dining room, which is entirely neutral colors. It is furnished with good and quality furniture – table and chairs with linen upholstery, a remarkable accessories chandelier and mirror with a bamboo frame on the wall. And here is how it looks after the refreshment room:

Colors of the dining room is enriched by several shades of green and pink accents, added various accessories such as cushions, new curtains, lamp shades, striped carpet, modernist painting on the wall. The black stands for lamp shades correspond to the black metal chandelier. New curtains and similar in color but with a different pattern, cushions contribute more freshness and warmth in the room. When you decorate the kitchen and dining room, take advantage of the natural beauty of natural accessories like flowers, vases with flowers, spectacular landscaped fresh fruit.