Instruction Manual Cuckoo Clock

Adjustment Tips Cuckoo Clocks

Setting the running of a cuckoo clock
If the time ahead, slightly slide the balance of the pattern down.

If the time delays, slightly slide the pendulum pattern up.
In the case of a pattern screwed, slightly loosen the screw before moving the ground ± 2 mm = ± 10 minutes per day

Reassembly of a cuckoo clock
Pull the strings gently down, in the case of a cuckoo 8 days, ensuring support the weight.

Fixing a cuckoo clock
Fix the cuckoo on the wall at about 1.80-2.00 meters tall

sure to use a large nail or a large screw, to fix a slight angle, leaving exceed much.
The cuckoo has to be perfectly right it should not be set between the rear of the cuckoo and the wall, so that the pendulum does not rub the casing
do not place the cuckoo clock above a heater or fireplace, the hot, dry air may distort the wood on the one hand and dry the second mechanism.

Trimming the hour cuckoo
To set the time of the cuckoo, gently turn the minute hand forward or backward to the desired time.
Never move the hour hand .

Little tip for setting the time compared to the cuckoo singing.
1 Sounding the cuckoo
2. Count the number of cuckoo
3. If the bell of the cuckoo does not match with the specified time, turn the hour hand (small needle) on the hour corresponding to the cuckoo singing numbers. ex. On your cuckoo is 3:00 but the Cuckoo 5 times. You turn carefully the hour from 3 to 5 (without touching the minute hand). After that you set the correct time by turning the minute hand.

Little tip for the ringer adjustment
If your cuckoo sounds after the time (ie the cuckoo rings at 3:10 instead of 3:00)

1. Turn the Needle to ring the cuckoo
2. Unscrew the screw that holds the needles
3. Turn the minute hand in front of 12
4. Tighten the screws holding the minute hand in front of 12
5. Put in the time and your cuckoo sound at the correct time.

Care and maintenance of the cuckoo
Cuckoos do not require much maintenance. To dust the cuckoo carefully spend a flexible and soft brush on the case, various accessories and decorations.
It is strongly recommended that oil and checked regularly (every 2 years) the movement of the vintage wall clocks by a qualified watchmaker.
To maximize the life of the cuckoo, ensure to maintain it in a normal environment (average room temperature).Avoid temperatures below 5 ° C, where the air is humid, excessive dust or moisture.