Is Not Necessary to Enroll in a School for Knowledge of Fashion and Art, Do It from Your Couch

The other day, Mai We explained how the more prestigious, as the Central Saint Martin or the Royal College of Art fashion schools, selling smoke in the sense that many students at the end were dissatisfied, not as sufficiently prepared and without any possibility to work in the sector.

I also told you that many parents made efforts to pay their upper courses attached to any University, children that although they were not college courses that bore the seal of the University that had reached agreement with the fashion magazines that are a reference in the sector, so that their children could prove any training in your CV when looking for work.

However, it is clear that not to pay for a course at an expensive school at the end of it will be waiting for you a great job, because that does not depend on them, but the talent, the desire that who put want to aspire to work in this sector, luck and, above all, contacts that have.

So, if a title does not open doors, what sense has to spend this Fortune paying courses thanks to the Internet we can learn the same, and can even more, without moving house sofa? On the Internet there are videos and tutorials of all kinds, that it will explain detail everything you want to know.

Starting a session on Netflix we will see that we have at our disposal a lot of teaching material with which we will be able educate ourselves in all aspects. It just enough to know where to choose. We offer some of the videos available on this website, which can be that they interest you from Jezebel.

Fascinated by fashion, Bill Cunningham is a photographer who says the only thing that interests him is photographing clothes no matter who looks it, and if it is famous or not. His photographs, however, achieved many accolades in this scene. Richard Press He has recorded a documentary that shows how is the life of Cunningham, and his method of work which led him to photograph the street style through the streets of New York.

For decades, this cultural anthropologist has been showing us obsessively Chronicle of the fashion trends that catch on red carpets and in high society charity evenings, and then published in the Time Magazine Style section in their columns “On the Street” y “Evening Hours”.

His work is much more reliable than any catwalk, as He has managed to capture the trends with their personal sense of smell in time and in space without too many encontrarel, only with his talent and his vision without pretensions.

Spectacular documentary recorded by Doug Pray about the innate human need to express themselves creatively, which shows the some creative advertising work that you have much influenced our culture. This video talks about the people who are behind the most memorable ads of the world with claims as well known as “Just Do It”, “Got Milk?”, “I love NY”, showing how powerful that can be advertising, to thrill people of all types and condition, and all over the world.

On its web page Doug has hanged many other videos. Most of the protagonists of his films have been misunderstood by society and by the means of communication. However, all decided in your day to do something different, and have more in common than what you would imagine. From writers to Street Art Artists, truckers or surfers, DJ or garage musicians. Likes to burn to people who express themselves in a different way. These characters and the intensity of their stories amazing and much.

Like the famous Pashowitz, a marriage (Doc and Juliette) with 9 children who, in 1976, studied at home to surf every day, because in the school of life are learned much more than in a school to use. Examples there are many where able to choose, just echale ganas and unleash curiosity.