Know the Main Types of Flowers

Nowadays, it is getting harder and harder to find a time to stay indoors and get a kick out of it. Because of the daily rush of this crazy life that the big cities make us live, we end up not realizing the old and good nature that surrounds us (thank God!) And that we must preserve to live. Come with me and know in this article the main types of flowers.

Know the Main Types of Flowers

One way to make your home more natural if you live in big cities is to grow flowers. In this article, we will give tips on the main flowers that are most common in cities and how they should be cared for and ways to keep them at home, even if living in an apartment.

Types of Flowers – Roses

Roses are one of the oldest flowers in the world. There are indications that they first appeared more than 35 million years ago, but it is known that the first to grow them are Asians about 5,000 years ago. Roses have more than 100 species in the world and their variations besides red roses, the most famous, are yellow and white rose.

There is a larger, more durable rose in Colombia, more than one week after the open, known as Colombian rose. Roses have thorns that are their natural defense and surrounds them with many symbolisms like love and death.

Types of Flowers – Violet

Violet is a very beautiful blue flower that has more than 800 species divided into 21 genera. It has a reassuring aroma that denotes calmness, it is no wonder that it is widely used as medicine such as painkillers, ointments for wounds, tiredness and a powerful expectorant. In the cosmetics industry, it is used in products for skin cleansing and hair lotion against falling.

Types of Flowers – Sunflower

Sunflower is known as mirror of the sun as it follows its course from the source to the sunset. It is a flower that lives exclusively outside the house, so do not try to cultivate it in a vase on the dining room table that he will soon die. It is a very large and beautiful flower and it calls the bees to pollinate your garden.

Types of Flowers – Tulips

While the Sunflower likes warmth, the Tulips get along well in the cold. Originally from China, she went to Holland and populated the country’s gardens. It is one of the flowers that like roses, denote love.

Types of Flowers – Gardenia

This is a fragrant flower and its name means thank you. They are also known as Cape Jasmin and their scent has already been the inspiration for many songs.

Its origin comes from China and in the spring, the gardenia loosens many white flowers. The perfume is unmistakable.

Types of Flowers – Carnation

This well-known flower of the song The Carnation fought with the Rose …, is of the carnation. The petals can have several color in a single flower and its main characteristic is the perforated border. A true work of art of nature.

Types of Flowers – Glass of Milk

He came from South Africa and is born near rivers and lakes. Its cultivation is considered very easy, but should be careful that children do not have contact with the plant, the glass of milk is very toxic.

It is considered a real plague. However, its fame is great and most florists sell this type of flower because of its lush beauty.

Types of Flowers – Orchids

Its flowers can have from 2mm (lowercase) to more than 20cm. The main colors are white, pink, blue, purple and yellow.

These are the main types of flowers. But you still find others, like the Lily and the daisy.