Learn All about Vinyl Flooring

Selected the most frequently asked questions about vinyl flooring and the answer here! If you have any questions, contact us.

Even with all the benefits known as thermal comfort, strength, durability, prints variation and easy to clean, it is common questions arise when buying the vinyl flooring. Aware of this, listed the main questions and answered them for you stay in the know. Check our guidelines and take the time to get your coat by lower market prices.

How is the appearance of vinyl flooring?

Similar to a rubber.

What are the advantages of having this type of flooring in the house?

Because it is made of PVC, the floor has the advantage of being resistant to moisture. To the list of benefits add to the fact the product is sound and antiallergic, and ensure thermal comfort.

The tread can be applied on top of another?

Yes, it can be installed on ceramic or cement. But first you have to make a technical expertise to see the current floor does not have imperfections that will impact the installation of vinyl flooring, floor type can receive the vinyl floor above the one who does not accept is the club floor. Talk to one of our experts at the shop to learn more about the technical evaluation.

It can be installed in all home environments?

This type of flooring is suitable for indoor, mainly dry. But you can use it in the kitchen. The installation is not only recommended for outdoors because the sun can fade the coatings. Environments such as bathroom and kitchen also are not recommended because there is a lot of contact with water causing the estufe floor.

What are the main differences between laminate flooring and vinyl flooring?

While the laminate type consists of wooden blades, the vinyl is made ​​with layers of PVC. Being softer, the vinyl has less noise to touch the shoes.

What are the Ideal Products to Make Cleaning?

On a daily basis, you can use a broom to remove dust and small debris. If the desire is to remove stains, opt for a damp cloth and mild soap. For removing stubborn dirt, count on the help of a neutral remover diluted with water and a soft sponge.