Learn how to install Self Adhesive Pad

It takes eight steps for you to perform the task.

Practicality, originality and ease of installation are undoubtedly the main predicate of self-adhesive pads. Made of various materials such as glass and stainless steel, the pieces have adhesive film PVC, responsible for fixing on walls of bathrooms or kitchens. The products, however, are not recommended for baths or pools of floor, since the constant contact with water can detach them.

We offer several models that will transform and decorate their environments in a snap. Besides the variety of parts, we offer the best payment terms and lower market prices. And we encourage the “do it yourself”, separated foolproof tips for the installation of self – adhesive pads to the wall.

Check it:

  • Clean the wall and dry before starting work;
  • Place the piece on the surface to calculate its position;
  • Demarcate the site with the help of ruler and pencil;
  • Make sure that the positioning is correct, since the chip does not allow movements after being pasted on the surface;
  • Cutting the product (in the PVC, never in ceramic) with the aid of scissors. This process is typically required when adjustments to wall corners or close door and window installation;
  • Remove the protective paper found at the back of the self-adhesive pad, place the part in the desired position and press with your hands;
  • Wait 24 hours to start the phase of the grout;
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for grouting the tiles and, after 15 minutes, clean the mosaic with the help of a wet sponge in a circular motion. After 12 hours, clean the gasket residues with a dry cloth.