LED Bulb for Home Lighting

Now LED bulb light up in many places, and the reasons are many.

LED Bulb for Home Lighting


Because LED bulbs last the longest of all other. LED bulbs can light up to 50,000 hours (that are nearly 8 years). This life is more than twice that of fluorescent bulbs and 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs. They are energy efficient.

The ordinary bulb loses 90% of its energy into heat using only 10% of its energy to light. You pay for heating bulbs. LED bulb overturned this statistic upside down by only about 10% of their energy is lost in heat. Not only that, they are also more economical to operate 10-20% of the power of incandescent bulbs.

The LED bulbs from LED light bulbs online store can be made ​​in a wide range of colors, thereby reducing production costs. Also provide a more reliable and brighter color illumination than a standard bulb.
The color temperature (measured in Kelvin (K)) with LED bulb ranges from 2700K to 6000K.

Normal light we use in our homes is about 3000K and is called warm white light. In LED lighting have the opportunity to put in a cold light, which is recommended for workplaces – offices, warehouses (daylight) -4500K. 

Cold light is that a color temperature of 5500-6000K. Cold light should not be used in space for recreation – living rooms, bedrooms and more. It is designed for street lighting, bathrooms and toilets.  

Another advantage of LED bulbs is that they do not buzz (buzz) and does not vibrate, work silence. They are extremely safe.

With so little energy for heat and so little electricity used in general, LED bulbs do not get hot and there is no danger of bulbs burned or burned lampshades. They are extremely durable, usually when there are no glass to break, and no filament that can be damaged by vibration (in transit example).

Another advantage of LED bulbs is that they can be directed light, can be used without additional reflectors or lenses, which means less loss of light and lower costs.


No matter how many years she worked, LED bulb will shine with the same color throughout their lives, while incandescent bulbs and yellow blur.

the LED bulbs do not contain mercury as incandescent bulbs, they will outlive their old-fashioned cousins.

The listed advantages prove that LED lighting is irreplaceable, so switching to LED lighting is as clear as daylight.
We advise you not to buy LED Bulbs with unproved origin and certificates for two main reasons:
Color rendering index (Color Rendering Index, CRI) home e need to be over 80, otherwise it is very harmful to humans and affects mood. Products without CE certificate does not guarantee these important feature as the other concerning mainly achieved brightness and power consumption.
Possible interference from unauthorized radio broadcasts would act on your music, radio and sound equipment.