Philips Langston Wall Lamp

Size: B30 cm. cm. H8 cm D20.
Brand: Philips
Color (s): Steel or Brass colored
Dimmable: Yes, if you have dimmer switch contact
Light source: 2 x 28W G9 pin bulb (Philips bulbs included)
Wire: not included, must be ordered including

Philips Langston Wall Lamp


Philips Langston Wall Lamp
Lamp which is used to hang up over a painting, a shelf or other places you’re missing a direct light.
The gallery lamp from is super popular and is nice and simple in its expression.

Langston wall lamp cannot be rotated in the display, it is unfortunately not legal anymore since the screen gets too hot.
An idea may be to try to put the power to the lamp in the fitting to see if it fits in the angle.

Wall lamp available in steel and in “brass” for an always cheap price!

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