Water Light Speakers

Size: (H): 22.5 cm D: 6 cm B: 5 cm
Brand: Veli Line
Color (s): black, transparent
Light source: LED diodes built-in
Cord: USB plug included, not the power connector to the contact
Comments: 3W + 3W Stereo speakers

Water Light Speakers

Water Light Speakers
Water Light Speakers from Veli line is the mega popular speaker that lights in the four different colored water jets that dances to the beat of the music.
OBS! There not included plug for contact, only for USB

Water can be used for virtually anything the Speaker input, said by digopaul.
Used a mini jack cable-which means they can be connected to everything from mp3 player, mobile phone, iPhone, PC, laptop, etc.

The set consists of 2 speakers + USB power cord.

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