Looking for Vintage Furniture

Exceptional pieces of furniture in the singular design

Looking for Vintage Furniture

What is vintage? If design is establishing itself deco, vintage furniture is booming. But why so much enthusiasm, and especially where to find them?

Vintage furniture

Term originally used in the oenological vocabulary to describe a “grand cru”, the word Vintage applies today to exceptional pieces of furniture in the singular design. These pieces are emblematic of an era from the post-war in the late 80s, covering several creative currents of the twentieth century, and therefore different styles (1930, 1940, 1950 etc …). If such a craze for these furniture is done today is because people need to be reassured, in a world that is too fast for them, turning to the past, a time when the man was in the heart of the concerns of designers.

The craze for vintage

Today, as often when looking for the old, the chips are the ideal place to find. Among the best known, those of Vanves just outside of Paris but also the design of the Chips that expose twice yearly specialized in vintage antiques. It wanders between Arco floor lamp icon of Italian design Achille Castiglioni, a string of Poul Kjaerholm – leader of the Danish creation 50s – a French chair Pierre Paulin … Number of merchants in it are also present on our site. Their rates, however there are a little high and it is often more interesting to hunt and bidding from individuals separating from beautiful vintage pieces at reasonable prices. Signs hand, the French XXO is figure specialist and offers a variety of furniture, sofas and lamps of the twentieth century at affordable prices.

Reissues of iconic pieces

Others do not hesitate to repeat the pieces that have made them successful. This is the case of the Vitra editor, the Scandinavian collective Fritz Hansen or the American Knoll that manufactures new parts that have 50 years as the “Tulip” series. But there paying full price … Small surf brands, like Internetages, too, the wave Vintage in making furniture-like pieces of the time. Thus the young French brand Rededition draw made by furniture designers to “look 50”: here you can afford a nice coffee table, Scandinavian spirit, for 280 €. Finally, there are those who take advantage of this mode and that copy no more or less the most beautiful creations of the twentieth century as long LC4 chaise by Le Corbusier they offer for € 600 instead of € 3000! But here, everything loses its charm, its authenticity: it is no longer a question of speaking of vintage …