Lustige Sketche Zur Hochzeit Kostenlos

Short and funny skit for in between or for bridging. Easy to play and immediately the right gift for the next wedding. View the try, and party.

Expiration “The Rolling Pin”

  • You need for this skit three people (a narrator, a man and a woman)
  • Buy advance a rolling pin
  • Narrator reads the following story slowly and clearly
  • Man and woman playing the Sketch
  • At the end of hand over all three the rolling pin

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In good budget in the first place,
is not only the microwave.
For the housewife’s pride
is also a rolling pin!

If name groom at a late hour,
comes from its Herrenrunde,
takes off the shoes in the hallway,
thinking: what does my name bride only?

Proceeding then to sneak,
to you not to pick up from sleep.
Summt doing a little ditty
and looking forward to a sweet darling!

Name bride hears him come quietly,
it is from sleep almost dazed,
quickly grabs next on the right hand
and is already at the door to the booth.

Before name groom quite knows what happens to him,
he sees only small asterisk.
Moans softly still: “Oh, Schatzilein”!
And remember: “This must be heaven”

In the morning, awakened from sleep,
both say: “Oh, what a night!”
Therefore we think that’s obvious:
“A rolling pin is part of the inventory!”