Models of Decorative Mirrors to Decorate Your Home


  1. Format of decorative mirrors
  2. Size of decorative mirrors
  3. Amount of mirrors on decoration
  4. Installation of decorative mirrors

Learn how to use decorative mirrors

Mirrors can be used for much more than that to get that dressed up in her hair or makeup may be decorating tools and feeling comfortable enlargement. Thus, decorative mirrors are a great option for those who enjoy a modern decor and current, and may also win a vintage and retro version of plastic spoon wall clock.

Decorative mirrors can be used in every room in the house, living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom and even in the kitchen. Before, however, you need to know the different models in order to choose the one that more fits your decor.

Format of Decorative Mirrors

One of the decisions to make when choosing decorative mirrors is opting for the shape of the mirrors, which basically are divided between square and rectangular, oval, round and in different formats.

-Square and Rectangular

Classics, square or rectangular decorative mirrors feature timeless straight lines and neutral that matches any decor and ambiance. In addition, their parallel lines give a sense of spaciousness to the room, making it appear larger than it really is.

-Round and Oval

Decorative mirrors in average size possess typical dimensions of mirrors used in home, usually between 50 centimeters and one meter. Usually are used alone or in small ensembles to not load the environment.


Already large mirrors can be constituted by a single mirror with larger dimensions or a set of mirrors arranged next to each other, forming a larger mirror at the end. This kind of decorative mirror originates more bold decor and full of personality.

Amount of Mirrors on Decoration

Side by side of the decision shape and size of the mirrors is the decision of how many mirrors should be used. This decision should be made based on the available space and the format of the selected mirrors, to create a matching set with any decor.

– Single

Use only one mirror is more indicated in the case of medium or large mirrors, especially if they are round or oval. Only use a small mirror, however, can give a feeling confused and sloppy to the room.

-Set of Mirrors

The more common to use decorative mirrors is to make a composition with multiple mirrors, which may or may not be of the same format. So, you can have several small mirrors randomly, for example, or do a panel with mirrors arranged side by side, complementing.

Installation of Decorative Mirrors

Currently, not all mirror is nailed to the wall as the traditional, since many decorative mirrors can be adhesives. Thus, the installation of decorative mirrors should be chosen according to the decoration project, since, for example, mirror panels should be done preferably with mirrors stickers.

With or without Frame.

When looking for inspirations of decoration, you will probably notice that most decorative mirrors has no frame, preferring a more open layout. Nevertheless, this is not a rule and you can choose mirrors with frames, especially if you like vintage decor. A set with several mirrors with antique frames, for example, will create a different space and full of style and personality.

That way, you don’t have to stick to frameless mirrors and can choose mirrors with frames in metal, wood or even bamboo. Mix materials and textures for a composition that run from the obvious.

Decorative mirrors give a modern and sophisticated touch to your decor, with the advantage of often make the room seem larger than it really is. choose the template that most please you and don’t bother to use them in your home.