More Difficult Still: Amazing Works of Art in Leaves of Trees

Nature has inspired thousands of works of art. But the artist of Iranian origin Omid Asadi has taken a step beyond and has turned these leaves of trees in precious paintings to exhibit his compositions. Wonders that can already be seen exhibited in London, Manchester or Milan, but that many of us would like to have in our homes.

Omid Asadi began his artistic career inspired by mother nature and drawing from a very small all kinds of flowers. A wonderful starting point that in recent times It has evolved to become a single piece each leaf of tree and what is more special. Its work methodology It combines the techniques of modern art with more traditional craftsmanship. Each work of art begins with a sketch drawn on paper with the design that then moves to the leaves with the help of a knife. In this way you can offer us as beautiful as simple parts.

Landscapes taken from a fantasy world, human silhouettes, living and moving nature… Anything that you can think of we can be protagonist of one of his compositions.

Photos: Omid Asadi

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