Must Have Kitchen Tools and Utensils

If you want to bake cakes at home or muffin, needs some Baking utensils and baking accessories. Some are very important, other baking accessories is less needed or necessary only for specific things.

I have here a small overview compiled which Baking utensils you should have for your own kitchen in my opinion. Of course you need, depending on what you want to prepare, more utensils, but for simple cakes or muffins that enough baking accessories listed here.

The practical baking helpers are useful in baking. I’ve sort after alphabet and not in order of importance, because in my opinion they are all important.

  • Baking pan forms: A cake pan or muffin tin in which to bake the dough.There are those from white, black plate or silicone. Depending on the desired cake and appearance you have different shapes.Tips and information about silicone bakeware can be found here .
  • Hand Mixer: This electric hand mixer or stirred kneaded the dough until smooth without much effort.One can thus serve also cream easily.
  • Kitchen scale: Very important for weighing.I prefer a digital kitchen scales with tare function. This can be read better and the weight function is very convenient.
  • Measuring cup: For measuring liquids.In Germany millimeters is the common unit.
  • Mixing Bowl: For stirring of dough, best with a high edge, so nothing out spraying or with a lid with a hole to intercept the flying dough.The bowl should be large enough so that you will accommodate larger quantities. Alternatively, one can use multiple mixing bowls in different sizes depending on requirements.
  • Piping bag with grommets: This can be clapboard decorations, ornaments or toppings on muffins and cakes.One can use a pastry bag to fill even the dough exactly into the mold, without smudging.Alternatively, you can also take a freezer bag and cut a small corner.
  • Dough: This bakery helper you get all the dough from the bowl easily.The dough in the baking mold can thus be smoothed. I prefer a spatula made of silicone.