Nightlights for Children’s Rooms

Children may be afraid of the dark, and then in the bedroom cannot certainly miss a nightlight, perhaps with the design of his favorite cartoon.

Nightlights for Children's Rooms

That’s why we are offering the best night lights for children and teenagers, for sale at the best price on our site.

The best boys’ night lights

Philips and Marvel Spiderman
This Spiderman LED night light will amaze children with well 24 pictures of Spiderman projected on the ceiling of the bedroom, which can be changed by entering one of the 3 discs supplied and turning the wheel in the lamp.

Philips and Marvel Spiderman (available at can also be used just as a night light, reassuring the child in the darkness of his room. Moreover, thanks to two way switch you can easily switch from one mode to another.

Livingcolors Micro Cars
Livingcolors Micro Cars is a night light for children specially created for them, as it is very easy to use. In fact, just turn it on and choose between the 64 colors available by sliding your finger across the touch command integrated, so as to brighten the room of his favorite colors.

This night light cars gives you the possibility to set the lamp to change color automatically, creating a relaxing atmosphere.
SoftPal Mickey
SoftPal Mickey is a LED night light soft, perfect to keep baby’s bedside can coddle her and hold her to sleep with him. It is BPA-free and her charge lasts 6 hours.

This Philips children night light is easy to use: turns on and off with just the movement of your hand. SoftPal is inductive charging, placing it in the docking station, on which there is an indicator light will turn off automatically when Mickey will load.

The best girls’ night lights

Livingcolors Micro Princess
Livingcolors Micro Princess is a Disney Princesses night light, perfect for all little girls who love stories and want to feel like little princesses.

This lamp is equipped with 64 different colors can be selected easily by swiping your finger across the touch integrated command, or by setting the nightlight to change color automatically, creating a relaxing atmosphere with harmonic colors between them.
SoftPal Minnie
SoftPal Minnie is a Disney soft LED night light, suitable to be cuddled all night, being free of BPA. Charging the lamp lasts 6 hours and then repositioned in its docking station, where you will reload (induction) before using again.

This Philips children night light is easy to use because you just make a motion with his hand, left or right, and here the light switches on or off. The spy in the docking station automatically shuts off when Minnie will be fully charged.
The best quality/price night light
SoftPal Mike
SoftPal Mike is a LED night light of excellent quality/price, having the same features as the Nightlight SofPal Mickey and Minnie SoftPal, listed above.