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Nordic Ware is a very clear and lovingly designed online shop where you get bakeware in great variations.

The various categories of the baking pan types check clearly on the left side of the shop divided:

Nordic Ware bakeware
bakeware in loaf shape Kugelhopfform than Hexenhäuschen or tractor shape and other very fancy shapes you can find in the category bakeware. Whether Easter Christmas or heart shape, here is for every occasion the right shape for your cake or your bread there.

Nordicware Utensil
Beautiful Baking accessories like cookie cutters, Tortenausstecher or cake server, cake bells in various forms, check out the category of baking accessories.

Nordicware cooking, smoking
confident A great Räucherkessel Retro Design! Nordicware muffin and composite bakeware In this category you’ll find great Muffin bakeware heart shape than pineapple form, or for the small dinosaurs in form and AutoForm. The lovers of the noble forms will find it here. Beautiful shapes like petit fours, Rose muffin or scones enchant the heart of the baker. Nordic Ware Pans How often we have no right pan for the famous pancakes, waffles or Hamburger. The remedy is created with products from Nordic Ware.

Nordic Ware News
Of course you can find among the innovations the latest bakeware. Among other things, a butterfly baking mold which convinces with the finely crafted form!

Nordic Ware offers
What would a shop without a bargain?

Nordic Ware Other
In the Other category, there is a fishing boat, a omelette pan, a popcorn maker and a Räucherkessel in elegant design.

So you you can go to the Page of Nordic Ware read the care and use instructions continued enjoyment of the bakeware you have.

Recipes of Nordicware
addition you’ll find delicious recipes on the Page.

Product Details
The products are all awarded to one or more pictures and this you can zoom in by clicking on the image. Returns shipping for Germany 5 Euro

PayPal, bank transfer, bank transfer
At this point I would like to thank you very much for the nice contact with Nordic Ware and must imagine the product detail:

Baking mold “Heart”

This wonderful baking pan in the shape of a heart captivates with the filigree work fine.

It demonstrates excellent quality!

In addition I have received 2 recipes. Unfortunately, I have not gotten to try this, but once I tried of course I’ll show you pictures of it.

Nordicware convinces with high quality and exceptional bakeware and accessories. Each baker will melt at this offer certainly go there. However, I find the price for a baking pan a little high.