Oombrella Smart Umbrella

The French Wezzoo, a company known for having launched the app-travel weather forecast for iOS and Android, is currently working on Kickstarter in promoting Oombrella, a fully-functional smart umbrella that can connect to a smartphone to provide meteorological data.

Oombrella is equipped with a chip that can send notifications when rain or if forget somewhere.

Available in different colors – Shiny, White and Black Edition-and sizes – 95 cm and 25 cm, Oombrella is first and foremost an umbrella: put simply, protects against water and wind resistant.

The “smart” part involves the ability to keep track of the weather during the walk, to share them with the community of Wezzoo and measure the temperature, pressure and humidity.A small light and a vibration of strap will indicate the arrival of a notification or even a call on their smartphone. And as if that weren’t enough, a small support placed at the top of the umbrella allows you to install a small video cam to “see the world from a higher perspective when it rains.”

In case you possess already cheap decorative umbrellas, you can always buy only the capsule in which are placed the sensors, thus turning any umbrella into a connected and a weather station.

Oombrella is available on Kickstarter and can be purchased – contributing to its development – at the price of 59 euros. In case you wish to only the capsule, the expense is limited to 29 euros. In 8 days from end of crowd funding campaign, the goal of 59 thousand euros is really close, lacking only a little over 10 thousand euros.