Organization Challenge-Wall Organization Station

March almost ended and I confess that the challenge of the month was almost to April, but they say the movie ends when only the happy ending comes, so here is mine!

The challenge

March challenge proposed by the organized blog consisted in organizing the home routines. We decided to make our routines creating a family command center, a place where focus important information that make our daily life easier. I’ve made two posts about the challenge, one with the instructions and photos of before and another with the familiar organization station project.

If you do not remember how it works, read the post and compare the before and the after.

The result

It is with great pride that I present our family organization station. Took longer than expected to reupholster the fabric walls and choose the parts that we would use, but the result is breath-taking. I dreamed about this for so long that corner almost thought he wouldn’t be ready.

Fabric + glue + patience = new wall.

Several minor problems were mentioned during the project and we resolve one by one. Not all have been solved exactly as we wanted, but in the most appropriate way.

Problem 1: where’s the property tax that wins this week?

The most urgent problem we had at home was the missing matches. As there was not a specific place for this, they would stop at … anywhere. Now each one of us has his own box of matches and the problem is over.

Problem 2: Where can I take a message?

As we live in a big house, we didn’t know exactly what the most appropriate place to leave a message, so it was pretty easy to find notes on the refrigerator, next to the phones, hanging on the door … and still pass straight through them. “Mom, aunt called you!”, “and you didn’t give me a message?”, “put it in your bed.” …

But the messages now stop all here, in this comic cute!

Problem 3: Nobody told me this friendship!

Taking advantage of the photo, look at the new calendar! Has room for all family!

Problem 4: I forgot my wallet … again

At the time of rush, it’s very easy to go out and forget essentials. Three separate boxes – one for each person-to put our personal items that cannot be forgotten. Serves to keys, papers, pen drives, sunglasses, wallets, and what else we tend to forget.

Problem 5: what’s to eat today?

Menu has never been a big problem for us, I and my father are good nurseries and my mom is a great cook. Our real problem is the following: the refrigerator was now completely empty – and all we went out to eat, now completely full. My father and my mother usually go to market without communicating, the funny thing is that they end up going the same day and buy exactly the same things! The story is cute, but, as no makes shopping list, plenty of food spoils and other are still missing.

Now we have a menu that can be built by removing the tags from the list of “dishes” and passing the “menu of the week”. Let also a shopping list glued, who goes to the market that day takes the list and know exactly what to buy.

Everything we planned, just missed the shredder, but the weekend take care of everything.

Tonight I will sleep happy, it was a quite transformation and the feeling of accomplishment should satiate my hunger for reform for some time. Only not, next week I will be crazy to show some new design, there’s no way.

To close with a flourish, stay with some photos extras!

I hope you enjoy and get inspired to participate in the challenge of the month of April.

1000 kisses will light all weekends!