Organize Your E-mail Inbox with 5 Steps

Every morning, the first thing I do is to pick up the phone and check all social networks. I know it is not the best way to start the day, but who hasn’t cast the first stone? This step was included in my morning routine and unconsciously it seems here to stay. The problem is that if there’s one thing that I have no desire to do is open the mail box. It is always full and, for the most part, useless things. Do you feel the same way?

Organize your e-mail Inbox in 5 steps

The steps presented here do not need to be carried out at once. Remember: your e-mail inbox was not so overnight, organize it may take a few days. Set aside a few minutes a day to do this, the time will depend on the state of your Inbox.

  1. Create spam filters

If you receive repeated addresses spam, just place them on blacklist. You can also filter by keywords using issues that are recurrent and don’t interest you, such as “lose weight” or “promoting lightning”. Just be careful not to include common words that can appear in important emails. If you asked for a store and let you know when prices drop, create a filter with the word “promotion” may make the message go stop directly in the trash.

            2.Clear the entry in the lists that don’t interest you more

Sometimes the emails do not reach to the box by mistake. The problem is that our tastes change and we don’t have to keep getting those HD television promotions when you’ve bought a new one. All serious companies include an unsubscribe link at the end of the email. Look for this link and follow the instructions. But beware: if the email comes from an unknown sender, do not click anything, just delete.

             3.Delete everything you don’t care

Now that you have defined everything that doesn’t interest you more, make clear. This step can be done along with the previous ones, but still left unwanted messages. It is the time to end them.

              4.Create categories

Alive! Your box is already more clean, all that’s left now are important messages. They should be divided in order to facilitate your life, therefore, beware of excess categories. I like to separate my emails according to every part of my life: work, school, blog, online shopping…

Another essential thing is to have a category for entries. It’s hard to remember all logins that I’ve made in my life, let them archived on a same group.

              5.Sort your emails

This step may take some time, choose a playlist, put your headphones and dig in. Go dragging all messages to the categories that you created in the previous step. This is a good time to check whether they are effective and make changes when necessary.

Pay close attention to deadlines and emails that require responses, archive them may cause fall into oblivion. Has the subject been resolved yet? Put a tag and keep it in your Inbox.

All the tips were written based on the email service that based on Gmail. If you use another service, what tips would you give to other readers? Comment below!